Which Olympus Compact System Camera is Best for You?


As their technology improves, compact system cameras – also called mirrorless cameras – are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to the weightier DSLR. They’re the perfect medium for the enthusiast photographer wanting to capture high quality images without lugging around unnecessary weight.

And highly reputable brand Olympus is onto the mirrorless camera’s popularity. In the past few years, the Japanese brand has phased out its DSLR range to turn its attention to its sophisticated compact system range. Today, it stocks some of the most competitive mirrorless cameras on the market.

Here are four of their best products:

Olympus E-M10

Olympus offers one of the more affordable compact system cameras on the market with its powerful E-M10 camera. It doesn’t have the sturdy weatherproof design or 5-axis image stabilisation offered on more recent Olympus models, but its 3-axis image stabilisation still delivers impressive image quality.

The Olympus E-M10 is the perfect camera for the enthusiast photographer. It offers a powerful TruPic VII image processor and compact design at a decent price. This is the perfect camera for an entry level photographer.


Taken with the Olympus OM-D E-M10 with M.Zuiko Digital ED 12mm F2.0 Lens

Olympus E-M1

Olympus’s E-M1 takes it up a notch, offering a camera crammed with features, including a “floating sensor” 5-axis image stabilisation system that eliminates the need for a tripod in many situations.

This camera fits the bill for the ultimate compact system camera. Behind its retro design, you wouldn’t expect to find such flashy features as built-in WiFi and a great electronic viewfinder. It has a solid, weather-sealed build and a fast autofocus that makes it perfect for when you’re out and about, capturing impressive image quality in all conditions.

If you’re serious about photography, this is the camera you need. The Olympus E-M1 is kitted out with a huge range of customisable controls and function buttons, making it ideal for someone who knows how to make the most of an impressive range of modes. It’s also got plenty of available accessories and lens options, giving you room to improve and expand over time.


Taken with the Olympus OM-D E-M1 with M.Zuiko Digital ED 40-150mm F2.8 PRO Lens

Olympus E-M5 Mark II

The Olympus E-M5 Mark II is all about flexibility with an extensive range of modes, an articulating screen and an outstanding operating speed, meaning you can capture more on the go.

As with the Olympus E-M1, the E-M5 Mark II is a camera for the serious photographer, offering a full range of customisable controls that give you greater freedom and mastery over your shots. It boasts an advanced 5-axis image stabilisation system, which works wonders on both stills and movies. But it also includes an impressive high-res mode that provides much greater details to your images.

Hold this camera in your hands and you can appreciate the Olympus E-M5 Mark II’s improved design with its compact, weather-resistant build. And its tilting touch screen display means you can get shots you never evencontemplated before.


Taken with the Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II with M Zuiko Digital ED 12-40mm F2.8 PRO Lens

Olympus E-M10 Mark II

The Olympus E-M10 Mark II is a newer, cheaper alternative to the E-M5 Mark II. Olympus has raised the bar with this camera’s design, crafting a sophisticated all-metal body that is 6 grams lighter than its predecessor, the E-M10.

Its body may be delicate and compact, but the E-M10 Mark II’s features pack a punch. To begin with, this camera contains that trademark Olympus 5-axis image stabilisation system that guarantees clearer, sharper shots without the need for a tripod.

Couple that with the tiltable 3 inch LCD screen display, an 8.5fps continuous shooting speed, a superior viewfinder resolution and a “Quick Sleep Mode” to boost battery life and you have a high performing compact system camera on your hands.

The Olympus E-M10 Mark II is an all-rounder camera suitable for a huge variety of purposes, including high speed scenarios.


Taken with the Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II with M.Zuiko Digital 25mm F/1.8 Lens

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