Our 5 Favourite Canon Cameras


Canon has come a long way since its humble Japanese origins way back in 1937. Today, it is among the top producers of cameras, camcorders, photocopiers and printers worldwide.

At Camera House, we stock all manner of Canon products. But because of the sheer number of models, we thought it high time we picked 5 of our favourites.

Canon 700D – DSLR

This DSLR is, without a doubt, one of the strongest mid-range DSLRs out there. It made quite substantial improvements to its auto-focus, ISO range and video capabilities on its predecessor, the 650D, as well as a few other features.

The Canon 700D has a sturdier body, which we really like, but what we like even more is the price; with Canon’s recent release of their 750D and 760D models, the 700D has never been more affordable.

With 5fps shooting and full HD recording, this DSLR is versatile and responsive for all camera users. For more info, take a look at our previous blog post, in which we reviewed the Canon 700D in more detail.



Canon EOS 5D Mark III – DSLR

If this DSLR played footy, everyone would think it was on some performance-enhancing steroids. Such is the level of grunt in this beast that it should come with a disclaimer. Heck, we think a dog, an actual dog, could take amazing pictures with this fine piece of equipment.

Boasting 22.3m pixels and a shooting speed of 6fps, what this camera does well is bring full-frame, professional photography and video within reach of even the most basic DSLR user. However, since it comes with such advanced hardware, a knowledgeable photographer will be able to make adjustments to find the desired outcome.

Want to learn more about DSLR techniques? Check out our 7 tips to getting the most out of your DSLR.



Canon EOS M – compact system camera

There’s nothing like the shot from a Canon and this compact system camera is no different, packing the EOS quality of a DSLR into a supermodel-skinny body. The result is a powerful, easy-to-use camera that’ll fit in your pocket.

Offering similar image quality to the 650D DSLR, great video functions and an attractive body, you’ll be amazed by how much you can do with such a lightweight, portable camera. And if you’re seeking a bit more performance, you can even attach different lenses and accessories to enhance it.

Great for beginner photographers or as a secondary camera for aficionados, you’re sure to be impressed with the Canon EOS M’s vibrant, colourful photos.



Canon Legria HF R606 HD – digital video camera

Capture all of life’s most precious moments with this powerful digital video camera. The Canon Legria HF R606 is a great consumer-level camera, especially for young families – there’s even a Baby Mode making it easy for parents to capture their little cherub in action.

With far better functionality and performance than any phone or tablet could produce, this camcorder comes with an impressive zoom lens, motion stabilisation, zoom framing assist and HD quality. There are also the popular slow motion and fast motion functions, a fun feature for the whole family.



Canon PowerShot SX60 – digital compact camera

One of the strongest quality cameras in its class, the Canon PowerShot SX60 has an improved design, good video and photo quality and some fantastic features. Its selling point though is the whopping 65x optical zoom.

The compact camera market is very competitive (check out 6 more compact cameras we rate highly) but the Canon PowerShot SX60 is certainly a strong candidate. Classified by many as a bridge camera – sandwiched between a compact and a DSLR camera – the Canon PowerShot SX60 comes with 16.8 megapixels and a nice 3” LCD screen, making it hard to beat.

Canon is one of the most reputed camera brands worldwide, so no matter what type of camera you’re after, there’ll be a quality Canon available for you. Browse through Camera House’s wide range of Canon cameras today.




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