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Canon EOS 7D Mk II Announced

Canon lovers have been awaiting the release of the 7D Mk II for quite some time now and Canon have delighted everyone with a host of huge features. This DSLR opens up new possibilities for photographers everywhere to capture their passions with extreme detail and clarity.

Capture Split Second Action
High speed continuous shooting at up to […]

Canon PowerShot G7X and SX60 Announced!

Canon PowerShot SX60 HS – Canon’s ultra high powered travel zoom

The PowerShot SX60 HS is Canon’s most powerful SuperZoom yet! Boasting a huge 65x Optical zoom and 130x Zoomplus, equivalent to a huge 21-1265mm, its now never been easier to quickly and properly frame your subject from far away – perfect for travelers.

Premium Quality Images

The […]

8 Top Tips to Compose a Stunning Photo

A good camera can only do so much to produce quality photographs. The photographer, who interprets a scene with a fresh eye and unique perspective, plays a large role in creating a stunning shot.
Much of the best photography is about being in the right place at the right time. But there are certain things you […]

Nikon D750 – Just Announced

The Nikon D750 has just been announced and it is a great looking camera packed with all of the features you would want to see in this caliber of a camera. The new Nikon D750 sits somewhat between the Nikon D610 and Nikon D810 as you can see below in the highlighted key features. Read […]

The world gets Supermoon snap happy

People from all around the world took advantage of last nights Supermoon and they are nothing short of spectacular.

There were even a few comedians that used the #supermoon opportunity to share their take on the iconic moment.

Photo Friday Winner Michelle Joyce-Textures

What inspired this Photo?
I was out for a day at the zoo, and I usually hang around the baboons for a while as they are always entertaining to watch.  This guy was quite far away, but his pose was such a classic, I had to take a few shots and see if I could make […]

Photo Friday Winner James Macree – Light

What inspired this photo?
My girlfriend and I were on Holiday together in Melbourne earlier this year, and both being photographers we wanted to find an image that showed off the beautiful Melbourne skyline to our friends and family in Sydney. We werent actually aware of the Eureka Tower’s Skydeck prior to the trip but instead […]

Photo Friday Winner John Marshall – Industrial

What inspired this photo?
I was inspired to take the image from seeing others online of Grain Silo Bins around Western Australia taken at night but other photographers as part of workshops and on social shoots. York where these grain bins are located is about an hour and a half from my home so it seemed […]

Photo Friday Winner Rosalind Dyer – Balance

What inspired this photo?
My  photo  in the  theme  Balance was pretty much a lucky  shot, as I found  this  just as is  .. a drop suspended off a spider web. There was nothing  set up about  this  photo. The  luck  and the  beauty  of nature.The  plant was a small succulent that had a spider web  […]

Photo Friday Winner Gemma Boys – Delicate

What inspired this photo?
I went out to Araluen Botanical Garden with a friend for macro photos and he stumbled upon a lot of different shrooms,I’ve seen great macro shroom shots before, a few of his in particular, so really wanted to give it a go myself!

What camera did you use?
Nikon D5100 with my Sigma 105mm […]