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Photo Friday Sport Winner Nigel Summers


At the time I was shooting a lot of strobe & forced light work for portrait subject & wanted to test the limits by shooting into the sun (at around midday) AND using a speedlight on a fast moving object.  A lot of people doubt this is easily achievable because of low power output of […]

Photo Friday Macro Winner Anthony Moore

What inspired this photo?
I’ve always been fascinated with animals and being able to photograph them. Taking images on a macro level reveal another world. Animals and biological matter have that detail and complexity that shows well in macro.
What camera did you use?
Sony A77 + 100mm macro + extension tubes + raynox magnifier
What settings did you […]

Photo Friday Landscape Winner Kieran Cochrane

What inspired this photo?
I came to this location previously and photographed it and found some nice angles and studied the images afterwards thing of ways to “improve” on them. I notice it faced west where the sun will sets. I packed up my gear and went there around 3pm and found a spot and waited […]

Sony DSC-RX100 Mark III

One of Australia’s most favourite precision compact cameras has just had an upgrade – Introducing the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 m3. It’s predecessor the RX100 m2 is loved by photographers who value serious imaging and extreme portability and the new m3 encapsulates exactly those two standout reasons to buy plus a few extra added benefits to […]

15 standout photographers from the 2014 Sony World Photography Awards

1. Australia: Neville Jones

2. Hong Kong: Cheung Lai San

3. China: Li Chen

4. Sweden: Michael Nordqvist

5. Peru: Milko Torres Ramirez

6. Netherlands: Theo de Witte

7. Singapore: Daniel Choi

8. Spain: Rafael Gutierrez Garitano

9. France: Valerie Labadie

10. Turkey: Alpay Erdem

11. China: Ngai-bun Wong

12. Poland: Mateusz Baj

13. Nordics: Lise Sundberg

14. Germany: Wolfgang Weinhardt

15. Argentina: Doralisa Romero

When animals get it totally right… 10 of the best animal photobombs!

1. Cheeeeeeese!

Source: Caters News Agency Ltd
2. A Flower! #Deception

3. Peekaboo!
4. I’m a photographer, look at me!

5. They think that’s funny, wait till they see this photo!

6. I think I have something in my tooth, can you take a look please…

7. Kitty 007

8. Hey Look at meeee!

9. I’m over here!

Source: […]

The Light Perspective with Mark Gray

Mark Gray’s fascination for light has translated to a career as one of Australia’s most acclaimed landscape photographers.

Photographer Mark Gray can distinctly remember the moment he first fell in love with photography. He was on a road trip down the Great Ocean Road. He and his then girlfriend, now wife, Susie, had stopped off at […]

Interview with Sony World Photography Finalist Chloe Bartram

Sony World Photography Award finalist Chloe Bartram, talks us through her photographic journey.

Did you come from a snap-happy family?
Neither of my parents are photographers but they did distil an appreciation of the arts in me. When I was young, I remember Mum drawing objects and figures with chalk and I would copy them. Dad is […]

Why it is important to print your images

Avoid the risk of losing those precious photographic memories, and get printing today!

Our grandparents had leather-bound photo albums, but we, the digital generation, have social media. While it has made sharing your holiday snaps easier than ever, the digital revolution has also meant thousands of people risk losing their precious memories due to hardware failures, […]

Fashion Forward with Jez Smith

Whether he’s shooting the latest campaign for a fashion label, or delivering a concept piece for a client, photographer Jez Smith has turned his commercial shoots into fine art.

Since leaving his native Birmingham in the UK to embark on a career in photography, shooter Jez Smith has made a name for himself as a commercial […]