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Photo Friday Minimalism Winner Diane

What camera did you use? Canon 7D EOS
What settings did you use? River way in the foyer area using my Canon 7D EOS and lens – Canon EFS 15-85mm and settings: f/5; ISO-100; 1/15 sec; focal length 55mm (no flash). 
What inspired this shot? I was inspired to take the photo as I could see […]

Photo Friday Destruction Winner Gav

What camera did you use? This shot was taken with a Nikon D7000 and a Samyang 8mm Fisheye Lens
What settings did you use? ISO-100, f 11, 20 second exposure, Aperture priority
I bracketed 3 shots (+2,-2) and edited them in Photomatix, then CS5 to add some contrast and sharpen a little.
What inspired this shot? This shot […]

That’s a wrap – All things photography from CES 2013

Canon PowerShot N

How to describe it, tiny! It’s almost like holding a real life Instagram camera, it’s Creative Mode hosts five artistic modes where you can mix up your original photos and turn them into a piece of art but unlike the phone this little camera packs a 12.1 Megapixel CMOS Sensor making your creative […]

Samsung NX300 – Truly Connected

The Samsung NX300 is a beautiful Compact System Camera to grace the camera market.
It looks great, it feels great and it is superior to a lot of its competitors in its category. Samsung’s major push this year is on connectivity and how that translates to your everyday life. They’ve adopted this philosophy with the NX300 […]

Polaroid’s Android Interchangeable Lens Camera

We’re yet to have a hands on go with this camera but let it be heard “Polaroid have just announced a new Wi-Fi, Android based Compact System Camera”. While this may seem a step up from the Samsung Galaxy Camera released late 2012 we’re yet to see. Yes it is Android based which is much […]

Pentax Launches The MX-1

Compact cameras are definitely not as popular as they used to be with the smartphone now perceived to give the same results. Pentax have noticed this and have decided to take on the feedback and transform the “traditional” compact into a highly featured new generation compact.
It features a beautiful 12 Megapixel back-illuminated CMOS sensor at […]

LUMIX Heaven – Panasonic TZ40

Panasonic have announced their new Lumix, the DMC-TZ40, or as called in the US SZ30… The best in the range and wow does it produce exceptionally clear images with great colour reproduction.
Panasonic have always been known for their beautiful lenses and the TZ40 is no exception with its 24mm Ultra Wide Angle LEICA DC Lens […]

New FujiFilm X20

The newly introduced X20 will take the place of the X10 and while it has a very similar bodily look it’s peaking with new advancements.
A newly adopted Optical Viewfinder (OVF) and a focus peaking function to make sure that your photos are crispy and clear from inside the camera to the final product along with […]

FujiFilm X100S – A Step In The Right Direction

It’s predecessor the X100 hit Australian shores and Australian’s went into Photo Frenzy. It was a hugely welcomed new camera and it really put Fuji back on the map of respected camera brands.
It now has a slew of cult like followers and with the X100S stepping in to take the place of the X100 we’re […]

Fresh, Innovative & Unlike Any Other – The Eye Mirror

We just spotted this genius little invention at CES last week and while it may look a little bulky it definitely is worth a look.
In a nutshell it simply attaches to your existing video or still camera, then you point the lens upwards to record your 360 video or shoot a still. Once at home […]