Photo Friday Open Entry Winner Michelle!

Photo Friday_edited-1

What camera did you use?
Canon 5DMKII.
What settings did you use?
ISO 100, 50mm focal length, f/13, 1/125sec.  I used two or three lights, the main light to my left, (I think) a very low powered fill light to my right (facing straight ahead) and a light to the right of “Daisy” aimed at her face to […]

DSLR Gear – No Idea!

Just launched, a Tongue-in-cheek representation of people who buy a DSLR but don’t necessarily know how to use them. What do you think?

Photo Friday Friendship Winner Colleen!

Colleen Sleer

What camera did you use?  Canon EOS 5DMKII
What settings did you use? Exposure 1/640, Aperture f/5.6, Focal Length 160mm, ISO Speed 1000.
What inspired this shot? During summer we live outdoors, and the dog would just follow our son everywhere, I spent many hours just practising using my camera on them both.
Did you edit this […]

Photo Friday Industrial Winner Chez!


What camera did you use?
I used a 5DmkII with a 24-70L on a Sherpa tripod with a remote trigger.
What settings did you use?
I set the focus using “auto” then switched to manual so after I framed the shot how I wanted it, it wouldn’t focus on the background. I got my friend to start welding […]

Photo Friday Peace & Tranquility Winner Susan!


What camera did you use?
I use a canon 450D

What settings did you use?
AV mode, F/6.5, ISO 100

What inspired this shot?
My daughter and I had got up very early to go see what we could find to shoot in the early morning light and when driving around the lake I spotted the island just coming out of the mist […]

Fine Art Inspiration

Screen shot 2012-10-31 at 12.13.29 PM

Jackie Ranken’s photography delivers magical, whimsical and innovative images that delight the viewer.
With fond memories of her Dad’s family-themed Christmas cards, Canon EOS Master Jackie Ranken was bitten by the photo bug at a very early age. “Those photographs still exist, they are really quite funny,” says Ranken. Indeed Ranken admits that these annual Christmas […]

Photo Friday ‘R’ Winner Tristan


What camera did you use?
I used my old Nikon D5000 because I wanted to use my 10.5mm fisheye lens to enable myself to capture all of the movement of the ride.
What settings did you use?
Obviously the fisheye has a fixed focal length of 10.5mm with a shutter speed of 1/200 at f/8.0 with an ISO of 200
 What […]

Congratulations To Our Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 Winners!

Screen shot 2012-10-09 at 5.11.23 PM

Congratulations to our two Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 winners Shane.S and Maria.G !
The answers to the questions asked in the competition are as below;

What inch is the Exmor CMOS Sensor on the Sony DSC-RX100?   1 INCH
Is the lens on the Sony DSC-RX100 a f/1.8, f/2.4 or f/2.8?   F/1.8
Does the Sony DSC-RX100 have Sweep Panorama?   YES

What […]

Photo Friday Fashion Winner Annie

Gary Fong

What camera did you use? I used a Nikon D3000.
What settings did you use? I can’t remember, Sorry!
What inspired this shot? The inspiration came from my friend and fashion designer student Nikea Short who made this dress (hand painted the fabric and all!).
Did you edit this image, if so what did you do and with […]

Photo Friday Spring Winner Nic


What camera did you use? I use a Pentax K5 and this photograph was taken with my 77mm limited lens.
What settings did you use? It was shot in the early evening at Umina beach at f2.4 at 350s at ISO 80.
What inspired this shot? The inspiration came from memories of doing this myself as […]