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Polarising Filters

For the SLR camera owner there is one simple piece of equipment that can make a huge difference to the images you take. It will give you better, brighter more saturated colours. Can let you see through glass without those annoying reflections. Brings to life shots that include water, improves […]

Wanting to know about water photography?

Water is one of the most photographed objects within our images. Whether it’s the surf breaking on a beach, streams & rivers silently flowing through the landscape or lakes reflecting a mirror image of the world around them. Water really is everywhere. Just as there are […]

Alpha Awe – Sony A77

Last night was the launch of Sony’s new line up and needless to say the launch left everyone buzzing with excitement from the advancements Sony have made and also the new models like the Mac Daddy – the Sony A77.

We were, as we’re sure you’re going to be, gob smacked with the announcement of the […]

New NEX Range – WOW!

Like the heading of this post, we have one thing to say about the new NEX range – WOW!
We’ll start from the beginning, the new NEX-C3. While this is the toddler of the range it still packs a great amount of punch. Its slim design will definitely cater for those wanting to hold onto the […]

Panning a moving subject

‘Panning’ is a technique where the photographer shoots a moving subject whilst moving the camera in tandem with the subject’s movement during exposure. The result is a sharp subject with a blurred background – suggesting a feeling of motion and action.
It is a well-used technique among sports and wildlife photographers to […]

WINNER: Win a trip for two to Jamie Oliver’s Restaurant Fifteen in London!

As a part of Camera House and Nikon’s July promotion we gave you all the chance at winning a trip for two to Jamie Oliver’s Restaurant Fifteen in London. The winner has been drawn and we would like to congratulate Sharon.M who entered at Croydon (VIC) Camera House! Have a great time in London Sharon […]

Are you a social photographer?

It’s easy to shoot, sync and share your images with this new compact from Samsung. The SH100 is aimed fair and square at the social networker that loves to take a happy snap on the go. This Wi-Fi enabled camera makes it easy to upload on the move, allowing you to pair your camera with […]

Why aren’t my pictures turning out?

The camera itself still needs to be a quality unit. It should have a quality coated glass lens. The metering system should adjust the camera’s aperture and shutter speeds for accurate exposures. The flash should allow for redeye reduction and outside fill, and the body should be sturdy and well designed. A compact of this quality, […]

Nikon release a new micro lens

Nikon have announced a new edition to their macro lens range, the AF-S NIKKOR 40mm f/2.8G, a DX-format Micro lens offering a focal length of 40mm and a maximum aperture of f/2.8.

Sony World Photography Awards

The World Photography Organisation (WPO), which organises and operates the Sony World Photography Awards has announced the launch of its first global 3D awards for video and photography.