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New to the Olympus PEN range!

The Olympus PEN range have already proved incredibly popular with consumers since they provide SLR quality in a more compact form factor, so it was no surprise that the company launched a new camera at CES. The PEN E-PL2 delivers a new silent focus wide angle zoom lens on top of a larger improved image […]

Nikon P300

If you’re serious about your photography but not quite ready to move up to a DSLR just yet, you may want to invest in the new Coolpix P300. A nifty little compact camera that delivers a NIKKOR 4.2x zoom lens at 24mm (35 mm equivalent) for superb wide-angle coverage, full manual controls for better control […]

NEW : Olympus XZ-1

While it doesn’t sport as many megapixels as some of its compact camera counterparts, the Olympus XZ-1 is still packed with advanced features that will please your family’s intermediate shooter. Delivering great performance in low light, the XZ-1 dishes up high quality stills and HD movies thanks to the inclusion of an iZuiko f1.8-2.5 6.0-24mm […]

Shoot Like a PRO!

Work our handy hints and you’ll be snapping shots like a pro in no time.
What’s in the Background?
Often a great image is ruined by a distracting background – whether that be signage, random strangers or just something ugly in the frame. Either reposition your camera, your subject or in the case of the random […]

The Trusted Original

Check out this video to learn why the right camera bag is so essential in your photography journey.

Metz Ringflash : 15 MS-1 Ring Flash

If you’ve ever endeavored to go down the path of Macro photography you know how difficult it can sometimes be to get a nice sharp shot without shadow casting coming into play. That’s where the Ring Flash is so handy.
Mount the unit to the front of your lens via one of the three adapter rings […]

Why Photoshop?

Photoshop. Its one of the most bandied around words in the era of digital photography but very few people actually understand what it really is.
Photoshop is a software program designed specifically for processing digital photographs and converting them from raw and untreated jpeg files into the polished finished product. It is an indispensable program in […]

Manfrotto 790B Monopod

If you’ve ever been in a situation where you don’t have room for a tripod but still need to be able to lock off a shot, then you might want to consider a monopod. The Manfrotto 790B Monopod provides you the support you need when you can’t use a tripod. Just attach your camera directly […]

The Basics of Lighting

Without light your images would not exist…

10 Tips for Better People Pictures

The Right Perspective – Taking your people pictures from either too high or too low an angle can introduce an element of discomfort in your portraits. If too low, the person can appear domineering; too high and the person appears humiliated or subordinate. The latter is especially common in photographs of babies and children. Adults […]