Photo Gift Ideas for Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner now, the shopping frenzy is beginning once again. But there’s always that one person who stumps you. What do you get that someone who has everything they would ever want or need?

Why not make the most of all those photos you’ve taken throughout the year? Liberated them from their digital format and print them in any number of creative ways. Here are just a few of our favourite personalised photo gifts:

Framed panorama

As we’ve said before, panorama photographs are not easy to take. So why not celebrate that photo you’ve perfected by framing it and presenting it to your parents or grandparents?

Make sure you blow the picture up to a decent size that captures all the details of the photograph without compromising on resolution. Once you’ve chosen your dimensions, you can match a frame to the image.

You can personalise your photo present by venturing to the person’s favourite location to capture it at its best. It could be a mountain range or a city skyline. It could be a shot of somewhere you went on holiday together.

Consider the décor style of the person you’re giving the framed picture to. Don’t be afraid to get creative by going black and white; the classy look may suit a stylish home. Likewise a city skyline make look out of place in a home with rustic décor.

framed photograph for gift

Photo courtesy of McAllister/Fossum.

Personalised canvas or glass print

For the family home or office, a personalised canvas or glass print is a great idea. A family portrait or a close up of the kids looks great without the classic frame.

This sadly isn’t a DIY project, but it’s thankfully not too difficult to order your personalised print; here at Camera House, we offer both personalised canvas and glass print options through our Print Shop.

Christmas cards and tags

We love this idea. Instead of going with the stock standard Christmas cards of Santa Claus and snowflakes (ill-fitting for an Aussie Christmas!), make it personal with your own handmade photos.

You can create holiday-themed greeting cards through our Print Shop or if you have the time, you can go DIY. All you need is some card stock bought from your local crafts store and some digital prints of your photos (which you can order through Camera House).

For those far-flung relatives, it’s a treat to receive personal family portraits to place on the mantel. But for those closer to home, you can really get creative by taking macro portraits of typical Christmas regalia for more artsy greeting cards.

personalised christmas card with photo

Photo courtesy of 45wall Design.

Personalised calendar

A new year means a new calendar. Every household should have a calendar. But instead of buying the same old stock-image calendar, make it meaningful with personalised images.

If you want to go all out, create a theme. For overseas loved ones, it could be family portraits or landscapes from back home. For the patriarchs of the family, it could be images of the grandchildren – or even great grandchildren!

Personalised kids book

We found this idea on Say Yes and thought it was ingenious! Liz Stanley photographed dozens of her son’s favourite things, using letter blocks to spell out the objects.

Children will love seeing their favourite toys, food and locations in the pages of a book. But it’s such an easy creation. Once you’ve taken the photos, you can create and print the book using Camera House’s Photo Book app.

personalised childs photo book

Photo courtesy of Say Yes.

Photography course

We’re well aware that a photography course doesn’t necessarily fit into the photo gift ideas, but we’re certain the skills learned in a course will result in many more photo gifts in the future.

If there’s a budding photographer in the family, why not treat them to a photography course that will help hone their skills? Find out if Camera House offers a photography course near you by clicking on the Courses tab on our home page.

Don’t forget to browse our full range of personalised photo creations, including clothing, mugs and calendars, at our Print Shop today or head into a store near you for more details.

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