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The Light Perspective with Mark Gray

Mark Gray’s fascination for light has translated to a career as one of Australia’s most acclaimed landscape photographers.

Photographer Mark Gray can distinctly remember the moment he first fell in love with photography. He was on a road trip down the Great Ocean Road. He and his then girlfriend, now wife, Susie, had stopped off at […]

Interview with Sony World Photography Finalist Chloe Bartram

Sony World Photography Award finalist Chloe Bartram, talks us through her photographic journey.

Did you come from a snap-happy family?
Neither of my parents are photographers but they did distil an appreciation of the arts in me. When I was young, I remember Mum drawing objects and figures with chalk and I would copy them. Dad is […]

Why it is important to print your images

Avoid the risk of losing those precious photographic memories, and get printing today!

Our grandparents had leather-bound photo albums, but we, the digital generation, have social media. While it has made sharing your holiday snaps easier than ever, the digital revolution has also meant thousands of people risk losing their precious memories due to hardware failures, […]

Fashion Forward with Jez Smith

Whether he’s shooting the latest campaign for a fashion label, or delivering a concept piece for a client, photographer Jez Smith has turned his commercial shoots into fine art.

Since leaving his native Birmingham in the UK to embark on a career in photography, shooter Jez Smith has made a name for himself as a commercial […]

Alison Crea reveals her photographic journey

Camera House Photo Friday winner and ambassador, Alison Crea’s photographic journey.

Buying her first serious camera as a tool to capture happy snaps of family and friends, shooter Alison Crea soon discovered a passion for the still image that has made photography her number one obsession.
Whilst she says she initially picked up an SLR as she […]

Water Works with Ray Collins

With tough cameras all the rage, the desire to take great photos on the beach and in the ocean has become a common aim for many happy snappers. Ray Collins has some handy advice.

Ray Collins knows all about shooting on sand and at sea – as the winner of Surfing Australia’s Surf Photographer of the […]

Get Connected with Samsung

The newest member of Samsung’s digital imaging stable – the Galaxy Camera – takes the notion of shooting and sharing to the extreme.

Announced in Germany in August, the Galaxy Camera immediately caused a ruckus in the press for its concept of absolute connectivity for the shooter. Designed to maximise and capitalise on the way we […]

David Oliver The Storm Seeker

Nikon Ambassador David Oliver’s penchant for shooting stifling skies delivers the dark side of landscape photography.

Award-Winning Shooter Scott Barbour

Award-winning shooter Scott Barbour, a finalist in not one but two Walkley categories this year, Press Photographer of the Year and Daily Life photographer, tells his story…

Outward Bound!

AIPP award-winning photographer Tom Putt is renowned for his gorgeous landscape photography. His lens reveals sweeping vistas and the intricate detail of the great outdoors.