Our Favourite Photography Locations in Queensland

The Great Barrier Reef

Travelling around Australia, you won’t run short of amazing locations perfect for photography. Queensland is certainly one of the most photogenic places in Australia, if not the world!
From the colourful city of Brisbane to the far reaches of northern Queensland, from rolling plains to gorgeous beaches, there is sure to be a place your camera will […]

Why You Need a Compact System Camera

Sony Alpha A7

Compact system cameras, also known as mirrorless cameras, are a fairly recent addition to the camera market. They look like a cross between simple compact cameras and professional DSLRs.
They do sit between these two cameras in many ways. A compact system camera works much like a DSLR, with comparable sensors and resolutions. But like a compact […]

Our Favourite Photography Locations in Victoria

Twelve Apostles

Australia is full of amazing locations and beautiful sights. You won’t have to travel far to capture stunning photographs. Victoria is certainly not left out of this equation, with local photographers benefiting from a range of different landscapes and subjects.
From the picturesque Great Ocean Road to the colourful sights of Melbourne, we have many favourite photography […]

5 Instagramers that make you proud to be Australian


Now to narrow down just 5 great Instagram accounts known for their amazing photography within Australia was no small feat, however, we feel like we’ve done you well. Here are our top 5 picks, if you have a favourite that wasn’t included (we’re sure there will be a lot) leave them below in the comments.
1. […]

Photography Trends We Predict for 2017


With so many technological advancements in photography in the past few years, 2017 is shaping up to be a photographer’s dream. From impressive photography techniques to amazing technology, these are some of our favourite photography trends that are sure to take off in 2017.
360° Photography
Aisha – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

Arguably the biggest trend to hit […]

How to Photograph Stars

Stars in the forest

Stargazing is a fun and spectacular way to spend a night. The beauty of the stars can be enthralling; hence why photos of glittering stars and the brilliant Milky Way are so popular.
But taking stunning photographs of the night sky can be a difficult skill to master. There are several things to take into consideration […]

Which Camera Is Best for Landscape Photography?

Man taking photos of mountains

Landscape photography makes up some of the most captivating photographs in the world, from breathtaking mountains and green valleys to powerful oceans and bright cities.
Choosing the right camera for landscape photography doesn’t have to be a hassle. There is sure to be a camera that will meet your needs – you just have to know what features will […]

Our Top 8 Photography Techniques

Tilt-shift image of a hockey game

If you are looking for a way to make your photography stand out, there are plenty of striking photography techniques you can experiment with.
From impressive light trails to fascinating tilt-shift photography, these are our top 8 photography techniques to give you a creative edge.
1. Tilt-Shift Photography

Tilt-shift is a cool photography technique that plays with perspective […]

Winner of the $20k Sports Club Nomination announced


Congratulations to Forbes Junior Cricket Club for winning the “Win $20,000 for your local sports club”.
Thanks to your nominator Julie Smith, your club will be able to get access to everything you mentioned in your nomination and hopefully a club lunch to celebrate the win.
“Forbes Junior Cricket is desperately in need of their […]

How the Camera Changed the World

Early Kodak Cameras

In 1839, a dapper-looking Robert Cornelius set up his camera at the back of his dad’s gas lamp-importing business in Philadelphia. He removed the lens cap, sprinted into the frame and sat on a stool for a minute before returning the cap.
His reward? The world’s first selfie.
From camera obscura to the digital camera, photography has […]