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Get Supermoon Ready with 5 Tips

Supermoons are rare so we’ve created our top tips to make sure you make the most of this special occasion.

Focal length is key

Having a good size focal length (zoom) available is key when shooting any distant subject and while it is a supermoon, this event holds no exception. Think about it, you’ll want an image […]

Understanding Camera Exposure

If you’ve ever thought a photograph you have taken is too dark or too light, your complaint is probably related to the photograph’s exposure.
Exposure determines how light or dark an image appears. It can be altered by using the settings on your camera.
Your camera’s exposure settings are determined by three different variables: aperture, ISO and […]

Creative Photography: How to Create Bokeh

Bokeh is a beautiful way to experiment with your camera. It comes from a Japanese term meaning haze or blur.
Bokeh is an aesthetic quality in photography in which blur is deliberately used for a visually pleasing effect. Bokeh is an effect where background highlights appear out-of-focus, and looks like glowing orbs of light.
This guide will help […]

When to Use a Lens Hood

Whether you are new to photography or a seasoned photographer, lens hoods can inspire many questions.
A lens hood can be a handy addition to your photography kit. They come with many lenses on the market today and you’re sure to find one that suits your camera and your purposes.
But it’s important to know when you […]

How to Photograph Water

Water makes an excellent photographic subject. It’s one on the most photographed objects – and for good reason.
Whether it’s the surf breaking on a beach, flowing streams or a lake reflecting the scenery, water photography can be beautiful.
If you want to begin experimenting with your camera, water photography is a great place to start. You’ll […]

What Camera Lens Filter Should I Use?

Camera filters are a must have for any photographer’s kit. They’re an optical filter that can clip onto the end of your camera lens.
A good filter can change the look and feel of your photos for the better. And they can add a professional flare to your photography. There are different filters for different situations.
Filters […]

What Camera Lenses Should I Have?

So you’ve bought a spanking new DSLR, but what lenses should you add to your kit? Here’s an article to help you understand.

3 Ways to Avoid the Flash

Light is important to photography. It can be the deciding factor in whether a shot is picture-perfect or sent to the Recycle Bin.
Good photography is about how you as the photographer use and capture light. Lighting influences colours, tones, highlights and shadows and the texture of a photograph. So you really want to get it […]

Our Top 6 Wildlife Photography Tips

Wildlife photography has experienced a growth in popularity over the years. It’s not surprising, given that Australia has a wide variety of incredible animals to photograph.
With this surge in popularity, thousands of wildlife photos are appearing on the internet that aren’t quite hitting the mark. They’re too blurry or obscured, hiding in the dark.
Understandably, wild […]

Why are my photos blurry?

Why is it that as you scroll through those pics you spent time composing on holiday, so many of them are blurred and less than impressive?
If you just can’t figure out why your photos are turning out blurry, here are a few troubleshooting tips to help you out:
The most common reason for blurred images is […]