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When to Use Your Telephoto Lens

Anyone who has ever used a camera knows the value of the zoom. And we’ve all experienced that agonising moment when our camera is just that little bit too far out of range to capture that precious, unexpected moment.
That’s when we all wish we had a telephoto lens. Most compact cameras have zoom options, but […]

How to Capture Quality Candid Photography

Candid photography is a whole art unto itself. It requires capturing people at their most natural, most unsuspecting moment. Your subject looks relaxed and your photo can often capture the raw emotion you might not otherwise see in a posed shot.
But it’s not easy to do. So here at Camera House, we’ve gathered together some […]

The Best Camera Equipment for Night Photography

Night photography can be tricky work. It’s easy to end up with over-exposed images, blurred light or just darkness. And that makes some people hesitant to even pull out their camera after sunset.
But for those willing to accept the challenge, having the right equipment will prove useful in capturing that perfect image. To get that ideal night shot, there […]

4 Tips to Capture Action Photography

Lights, Camera and … Action! At Camera House, we get all manner of photo-related questions. By far one of the most popular is around how to take the best action shot. Swimming, sports, animals. With all that unpredictable movement, it can be hard to train the camera on your subject and lock in the focus for […]

Why Are My Photos Grainy?

It’s a perfect night, enabling you to admire a gorgeous streetscape made atmospheric by antique lamps along the waterfront. The streets are bathed in a golden glow that’s just begging to be photographed. But when you look at your photos later, you find the black sky and shadows look grainy.
Graininess – what, in photography, is called […]

How to Take a Panoramic Photo

Getting panoramic pictures just right means you have to get your location, camera position and image exposure just right. It can be a tricky task, which makes automatic panoramic modes a godsend on modern cameras and smartphones.
But you still don’t have total control over the final image. If you really want to impress, there are […]

How to Frame a Memorable Portrait Photo

It’s easy to take a photograph of someone. But it’s not so easy to encourage others to look at it, admire it and applaud your work!
Here’s a simple tip for you: a noteworthy portrait photograph is all about the framing. But getting the right framing is much tricker than learning that it’s the key to […]

The Best Features for the Ideal Travel Camera

Getting the right camera for your travel needs is crucial. You don’t want to face a Goldilocks scenario – buying a camera so large you don’t want to take it out, or so rudimentary that it only captures grainy images that don’t do justice to the scenes before you.
Here are some of the best features […]

Smile! 7 Creative Portrait Photography Tips [Infographic]

“It’s one thing to make a picture of what a person looks like, it’s another thing to make a portrait of who they are.” – Paul Caponigro
When we look back through old photo albums, few of us are interested in the landscapes (unless they’re amazing!). Instead, our eyes are drawn to the people, whose familiar faces have […]

Nature Photography: 4 Ways to Capture Spring

Spring has sprung, and with it, plenty of nature photography opportunities. With flowers bursting into full bloom and wildlife emerging from their winter havens, there’s no better time to grab your camera and head outdoors to capture the spring colour.
But photographing nature isn’t easy, which you’ll know if you’ve ever come home after a day of […]