KISS – Keep It Simple Shooter

All too often we try to get as much into the image as we can, thinking that the more the better. The more it will say something about the subject or, the more it will show about a place. Rarely though is this true. An easy way to get better images is get […]

video SCHOOL

Great video tips from Peiter De Vries

Using the Auto setting leaves you very little control and could better be known as the Average setting.
Pans will offer up helpful choices in the edit, so don’t be tempted to stop recording as soon as you arrive at your final glorious composition. Leave a good ten seconds static […]

Apertures & DOF

Picture 20

One of the most fundamental things to know in photography is the relationship between aperture and depth of field.
There are two main features that make up depth of field 1. the distance between your subject and your lens and 2. aperture. If you set the lens to the maximum aperture, i.e. its widest setting, you […]

Polarising Filters


For the SLR camera owner there is one simple piece of equipment that can make a huge difference to the images you take. It will give you better, brighter more saturated colours. Can let you see through glass without those annoying reflections. Brings to life shots that include water, improves […]

Wanting to know about water photography?

Water is one of the most photographed objects within our images. Whether it’s the surf breaking on a beach, streams & rivers silently flowing through the landscape or lakes reflecting a mirror image of the world around them. Water really is everywhere. Just as there are […]

Panning a moving subject

Picture 3

‘Panning’ is a technique where the photographer shoots a moving subject whilst moving the camera in tandem with the subject’s movement during exposure. The result is a sharp subject with a blurred background – suggesting a feeling of motion and action.
It is a well-used technique among sports and wildlife photographers to […]

Why aren’t my pictures turning out?

The camera itself still needs to be a quality unit. It should have a quality coated glass lens. The metering system should adjust the camera’s aperture and shutter speeds for accurate exposures. The flash should allow for redeye reduction and outside fill, and the body should be sturdy and well designed. A compact of this quality, […]

Shoot Like a PRO!

Work our handy hints and you’ll be snapping shots like a pro in no time.
What’s in the Background?
Often a great image is ruined by a distracting background – whether that be signage, random strangers or just something ugly in the frame. Either reposition your camera, your subject or in the case of the random […]

The Basics of Lighting

Without light your images would not exist…

10 Tips for Better People Pictures

The Right Perspective – Taking your people pictures from either too high or too low an angle can introduce an element of discomfort in your portraits. If too low, the person can appear domineering; too high and the person appears humiliated or subordinate. The latter is especially common in photographs of babies and children. Adults […]