8 Quick & Helpful Tips To Better Holiday Snaps!

1. Before you go, ask your nearest Camera House store to service your camera. This is the best way to make sure you get the best possible shot every time!
2. With photos for family and friends include an instant reminder of where the photo was taken. Capture a famous landmark or street or shop sign […]

Shoot the player

The dual camera craze has brought HD recording to the masses

Shoot the player

The dual camera craze has brought HD recording to the masses

No More Winter blues

Here are some hints and tips for taking better pictures this season!

Shoot like a PRO

Work our handy hints and you’ll be snapping shots like a pro in no time!

Always the photographer, never the bride?

Have you ever been in the position where everyone knows that you are the ‘keen’ photographer in your family and group of friends? It’s kind of like being the nominated driver after a big bbq, you get all the responsibility and none of the fun.

Beware the Summer Sun


Early morning and late afternoon to evening are beautiful times of day in summer to take pictures. The sun is at a lower angle and the light is warmer and softer as it travels further through the atmosphere. If a day spent at the beach includes either of these time periods, use the more complimentary […]

Composition at its best – Part 2

Good composition is an essential element in any successful photograph and there are many methods for composing a photograph.

Get the SHOT!

Improve your videoing skills with these hints, tips & tricks!
Three legs good – two legs bad
Get yourself a tripod and don’t be afraid to use it. Yes, most video cameras these days have some kind of built in image stabilisation but it can only compensate so much for your unsteady hand. When you buy your […]

Movies that make the cut

Ever wondered why the latest Hollywood drama looks so good? Ok, you’ll never have the same big budget as the LaLaLand players, but there are some simple tricks that can make your home movies look a million dollars too.
The Shot List
Before you settle down to edit your latest movie masterpiece sit down and create a […]