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What’s in Hints & Tips

Using your surroundings

10 quick tips on how to enhance your landscape photography skills

Photographing your kids = Child’s Play

The most honest and endearing images of our children are usually taken when they’re left to their own devices.

Tricks of the tripod

You might have heard of a particularly dangerous adrenaline charged ‘craze’ that is sweeping the UK this northern hemisphere summer called ‘tombstoning’.

Learn in a FLASH!

Understanding flash has been the key to success for many photographers, and it can be for you!

Composition at its best – Part 1

The key to interesting and appealing photographs is in highlighting of the subject.

Using Negative Space

What is negative space? Isn’t that a contradictory term in itself? Well yes and no. Like many things in photography contrary situations often abound.
Negative space is the description of the area around the main subject of the image and can be just as important to the composition of a photograph as placing the eyeline of […]

Getting the most out of your photographs

So you have a memory card full of photographs and you have no idea what to do with them. You want to send some to your Mum who lives in another country and you want to get some printed up for your boyfriend or girlfriend to put into the album that you have decided to […]

Confused about ISO?

So what the heck is ISO? Well it literally stands for the International Organization for Standardization and it applies to photography as the keeper of the world standard for measuring the sensitivity of film or other light sensitive materials.
ISO film speeds are extremely important in photography because it can make all the difference between getting a […]

Buying the right camera for you

So just what exactly should a beginner photographer, who wants to take better photographs look for in a camera?

Have you ever been flashed?

No I don’t mean like that!
I mean when your precious photographs come back with that kind of muddy look and your subject has red and glowing eyes. Actually, you were documenting your friends’ daughter’s christening at the time, but sadly your photos look like you were really in attendance at a satanic ritual. It’s an […]