The Best of GoPro: Must-Have Products for the Adventurer


Having a GoPro revolutionises the type of action photography you can create. But if you’re the adventurous type, you’re going to get a lot more out of your nifty gadget if you’ve got a few extra accessories to enhance its function and performance.
GoPro produces a lot of quality add-ons for its series of action cameras, so […]

Which Olympus Compact System Camera is Best for You?


As their technology improves, compact system cameras – also called mirrorless cameras – are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to the weightier DSLR. They’re the perfect medium for the enthusiast photographer wanting to capture high quality images without lugging around unnecessary weight.
And highly reputable brand Olympus is onto the mirrorless camera’s popularity. In the past […]

Latest Technology in Home Photo Printers


It seems like a blast from the past now…the age of taking a roll of film to a specialty photo shop or pharmacy to get it developed.
But it really wasn’t that long ago. I remember riding my scooter and bopping along to my Discman, which would skip momentarily with every bump in the road, as I made […]

3 Best Underwater Cameras: the Camera House Review


Not long ago, taking a photo near water was a serious challenge. In order to get the desired shot, we’d set up shop far removed from the action, scared that droplets of seawater would interfere with our beloved camera.
There, most likely stood on a bridge over troubled water, we’d wait for the perfect shot to […]

Our 5 Favourite Canon Cameras


Canon has come a long way since its humble Japanese origins way back in 1937. Today, it is among the top producers of cameras, camcorders, photocopiers and printers worldwide.
At Camera House, we stock all manner of Canon products. But because of the sheer number of models, we thought it high time we picked 5 of […]

GoPro HERO Video Cameras Go Head to Head


What do you think of when you hear the word ‘hero’? For some, the word might evokes images of inspirational figures like Martin Luther King or Mother Teresa … or perhaps your parents and loved ones.
But for us here at Camera House, we instantly think of the GoPro HERO range of video cameras. Emblematic of the […]

7 Camera Accessories Professionals Can’t Live Without


It is said only a small part of amazing photography is about the equipment. And it’s true; to capture a stunning landscape shot, a photographer must be ready to rise early or brave a storm. They must be willing to venture off the beaten path. They must have an eye to detail and a bit […]

Camera House Reviews the Canon 700D DSLR


Canon’s EOS 700D DSLR camera offers a competitive option in the entry-level DSLR market. If you’re a photography enthusiast, or even just looking for your first break into the more complex DSLR range, this is the camera to go for.
Canon has designed its 700D camera to be a versatile option for amateurs and pros alike. […]

Sony Announcement: 2 New Cyber-shot Compact Cameras


Sony Australia, in conjunction with announcing their new Alpha family member, the a7R II, have also announced 2 of the most advanced and versatile cyber-shot cameras to come to the market, the RX100 IV and RX10 II.
The 2 new models  both offer 40x Super Slow motion shooting which allows users to capture and replay moments […]

Sony Announcement: Meet the newest member of the Alpha family


Sony Australia has today announced their new flagship full-frame mirrorless camera, the A7R II model.
The new a7R II interchangable lens camera boasts the world’s first back-illuminated full-frame Exmor R CMOS sensor, which realizes high resolution (42.4 MP approx. effective megapixels), high sensitivity (expandable up to ISO 102400) and high speed AF response up to 40% […]