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Brand Information

As the industry leader in sports-optics development for more than 50 years, Bushnell have logged thousands of cumulative hours exploring new ways to Magnify Life. It's a journey that led them to the peak of optical engineering, and has since evolved into a passionate pursuit of outdoor innovation in virtually every category.

Bushnell's laser rangefinders are regarded as some of the finest available in the world today. In an instant, they bounce a laser beam off targets as distant as 1,500 yards, calculate the range within a yard and display it on a through-the-lens LCD. Their night-vision optics turn night into day by gathering existing light, focusing it into an image intensifier that converts the energy into electrons and speeds them across a miniature screen to produce a crisp image out of the darkness. Sound complex? All in five decades work for a group of savvy enthusiasts driven by a single goal: to launch you to the height of life through active participation in the world around you.