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Brand Information

Since the start of the Victor Company of Japan in 1927, JVC has made technological advances that have helped influence the direction in which the world has evolved. As the first company to press phonograph records in Japan and the inventor of the VHS video format, it's been one innovation after another.

JVC's vision is for a 'High Definition World', where everyone can view (display), record, and capture (create) High Definition & Progressive Scan images. The quest for images of higher density, definition, and quality, has led JVC to draw upon the enormous potential of progressive scan technology. In 2003, JVC launched 'JVC Progressive World™', where anyone can discover recording, playback, and display devices that will open your eyes to the fundamentally superior quality of progressive scan. From recording, and editing, to viewing, progressive scan offers a sense of clarity, purity, and reality that interlace scanning simply can't match. It's a system that ensures extreme performance and promises to elevate your experience to new heights. The Perfect Experience.....that's what it's all about, and at JVC, it's not just words... it's quality you can see.

With the introduction of the world's first High Definition camcorder in 2003, JVC was the first
electronics manufacturer to have completed the HD cycle for consumers (view, record, and capture), putting the benefits of progressive scan and HD within everybody's reach.

JVC's presence in Australia spans across consumer audio/visual electronics and professional products for commercial industries. JVC is considered to be an industry leader in A/V technology with many milestones throughout its history supporting it's position as one of the top electronics brands in the industry.