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Brand Information

SANYO Electric Co. Ltd is a Japanese manufacturer of a broad range of environmental solutions, consumer electronics, home appliances, industrial and commercial equipment including commercial kitchen and refrigeration along with devices and batteries.

First incorporated in 1950, SANYO has a history rich in creating and delivering technology-based products to every corner of the globe. A truly international organization, the SANYO Group of companies now comprises 206 subsidiaries and affiliates.

SANYO's aim is to deliver products that suit the lifestyle of all Australians and New Zealanders. Whether for the home, office or even the beach, there's a SANYO product to make life more enjoyable. SANYO has been operating in the Oceania Region since 1973. The advent of colour television helped SANYO establish a major presence, gradually building its product base to include audio equipment and VCRs. At one point in time half of the VCRs in Australian homes were made by SANYO.

Today, SANYO has grown to be a household name in both Australia and New Zealand. Over the past ten years SANYO has moved from being a strictly Consumer Electronics company to a diversified supplier of Environmental, Consumer, Digital and Commercial products.

SANYO's commercial product range is sold through premium resellers and distributors.