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  • General Accessories

    General Accessories

    Camera House stock a range of accessories to suite your photographic needs including underwater housing, floating straps for waterproof cameras, mounts for different lenses and more.

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  • Mounts


    If you're wanting to mount your camera to your car, chest, surfboard, motorbike, pushbike, snowboard or more we have a huge range to do this.

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  • Cables


    HDMI, Charging, Audio, Video, Release cables and more, here you'll find over 50 cables to suit all sorts of imaging needs.

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  • Camera Tripods

    Camera Tripods

    Image stability is often the key to capturing great and unforgettable photos. This means that when you need camera tripods, you want high quality tripods that will help you make the most out of your camera and, of course, your talent as well.

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  • Camera Batteries

    Camera Batteries

    Missing that perfect shot because your camera ran out of camera batteries is never a good feeling. Thanks to Camera House, you never need to miss another great shot.

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  • Remotes


    Camera House stock a wide variety of camera remote switches and controls.

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  • Cleaning & Protection

    Cleaning & Protection

    Keeping your camera safe and clean is easy and rewarding when you have the right tools to make it happen.

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  • Battery Chargers / Adapters / Grips

    Battery Chargers / Adapters / Grips

    Double your battery life and add stability with extended shooting potential with a battery grip.

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