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My Myk is an Australian company dedicated to the design and manufacture of high-quality audio systems for DSLR cameras, which have become the choice of filmmakers, photographers and journalists the world around. My Myk products are wholly designed in Australia.

All electronics are manufactured in Australia using the finest components sourced from premium manufacturers worldwide. The finest input and output sockets manufactured in Germany ensure optimal connection at all times. High quality audio industry standard switches allow many years of trouble free operational use.

My Myk is run by a consortium of industry professionals from the sound, film and broadcast industries. A team of highly skilled industrial and electronic designers have contributed their expertise, as have many of Australia's leading location sound recordists and cameramen.

My Myk products are designed to be lightweight and complement the ergonomics of DSLR cameras. The products feature the highest quality robust casings built from polycarbon ABS moldings for extra rigidity and the ability to withstand extreme temperatures.

After all, HD movie deserves HD audio.

Who needs My Myk;

  • Film makers
  • Professional photographers
  • Journalists
  • Documentary makers
  • Cinematographers
  • Broadcasters
  • Reality TV makers
  • Education facilities
  • Travelogue makers
  • Training companies
  • Corporate communications / In-house training / PR
  • Events recording
  • Wedding photographers
  • Real estate interactive home viewing and online inspections


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MyMyk Smartmyk Directional Microphone