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Ambassadors Gallery

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The Camera House Ambassador team consists of four very talented photographers from around Australia. We welcome Matthew, Chez, Kelly & Thai to our first Camera House team picked out of the public to bring a genuine perspective on photography and all of the gear to get those great shots will be reviewed from them for to you.

Take a look at their galleries and be sure to check out the Camera House YouTube Channel to see the products they've reviewed and what their take is on the product that's in the market today!

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Michelle Joyce

I was a bit of a late starter at the age of 38, getting my first entry level DSLR (a trusty Canon 400D) in early 2007 to take on my first overseas holiday.

Since then I have become totally obsessed with photography! In the early days, I photographed anything  and everything until I found my passion for portraiture. I would probably describe my style as having a soft, romantic feel. I love to shoot outdoor, natural light portraits and lately it's all about backlighting, shooting in the late afternoon towards the sun.

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Alison Crea

My name is Alison Crea and I live in Melbourne with my husband and 9 children. I am a self-taught enthusiast photographer and I enjoy all genres of photography but particularly HDR, landscape, macro and high speed photography but would describe myself as an "allsorts" photographer.   I enjoy a challenge whether for competition or just fun, and I compete in a lot of themed competitions/challenges on both Facebook and Flickr.  I usually am photographing something a few times a week and enjoy learning new techniques.

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