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At Croydon Camera House we fully understand how annoying it can be when specks and smudges appear on every print. You may not see anything in the viewfinder, but lurking in the sky you may find several mysterious blotches. Unfortunately it's a problem with all interchangable lens digital cameras and the more often you change lenses the more chance the problem will eventuate. A simple test is to set your camera to 'aperture priority' mode, select f22 and shoot a part of the sky. Sometimes a one stop over exposure will increase the chances of spotting any trouble and any sign of dust will soon become apparent.

Manufacturers have incorporated sensor cleaning into their product, but this only addresses a small part of the issue as it's not only dust that poses a problem as it may combine with humidity and become a sticky substance that when dry will permanently stick. Rest assured it will not fall off with a little high frequency vibration either, so the sensor needs to be washed. Pollens pose a really big problem, along with the many other contaminates that linger in our atmosphere. A charged sensor behaves a little like an old vinyl record, so it's just a big dust magnet.

Most of this grime can be removed with a sensor clean and 'welded' dust sometimes cannot be removed at all. Remember too that it's not actually the sensor we are cleaning, but the low pass filter situated directly in front of it…it's there to act a filter to block the infrared light. Called an anti-aliasing filter, it is primarily made from a piece of glass…and glass, just like our windows, becomes dirty when exposed to the atmosphere.

Check your sensor and if you think there may a problem, simply charge up your battery and come and see us.

We can usually offer a same or next day service.