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Canon CA570 Power Adaptor
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Canon CA570 Power Adaptor

Compatible with Canon digital video cameras MVX3i, MVX10i, MVX35i, MVX40i, MVX25i, MVX20i, DC51, DC40, DC10, DC100, DC310, DC210, DC220, DC230, FS200, FS22, FS21, HF20, HF21, HF200, HF11, HF100, HFS10, HFS11, HG10, HG20, HG21, HR10, HV20, HV30, HV40, MVX430, MVX330i, MVX250i, MVX200i, MVX150i, MVX150i, MV920, MV960, MV940, MV700i, MV750i, MV730i, MV850i, MV830i, MV800i.