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In 2015, 3DR launched Solo, the world's first smart drone. Solo gives life to world-first technologies and professional tools specifically designed to make drone photography easy for beginners and pros alike. And just like smartphones did a decade ago, Solo's usefulness bleeds from the consumer market into the commercial.

The name "Solo" comes from the fact that the Solo drone allows you to film shots as an individual that would otherwise require two drone operators working together.

The most exciting thing about the current moment, is that no one is really sure where this all will lead. Welcome to Life After Gravity.

3DR launched the world’s first smart drone in 2015. Taking this innovative approach, the 3DR Solo quadcopter combines the latest technology with professional tools.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, 3DR makes aerial photography and videography accessible to everyone. Even better, 3DR drones are easy to use and fun.

3DR also has an extensive range of accessories for their drones, such as spare batteries to keep your quadcopter flying for longer and specially designed 3DR Solo backpacks to keep your gear safe.

If you want to capture amazing drone photos for your personal collection or your portfolio, or you need a photography drone for commercial use, 3DR’s range is right for you.

Get the best, most unique shots possible & soar to new heights with this amazing new trend today!