6 Extraordinary Uses for Your 360 Camera

It’s not surprising if you’re still uncertain about what a 360 camera can do. It’s among the more recent developments in camera technology. In essence, 360 cameras use two back-to-back fisheye lenses to capture 360-degree photos and videos.

Those times you can click on a video or still in Facebook and pan the entire surroundings? Those shots are invariably taken with a 360 camera.

So how can a 360 camera work – and what can you use it for? Realistically, there is a multitude of options. We’ll delve into just a few of them below.

Record 360-degree photos and videos

360 samsung camera

We’ve had a wave of enthusiasm for action cameras and drones. But a new format is emerging for travel bloggers and holidayers: the 360-degree shot you can share with family and friends in an intimate way.

When you share these videos and stills online, people can use a mouse or touchscreen to move around inside the image, thoroughly exploring the surroundings and getting different views every time. It’s becoming an increasingly popular format for tourism campaigns.

It’s a truly immersive experience that lets your family and friends experience your photo as if they were right there beside you. Alternatively, you can step it up a notch by viewing these shots with a VR headset.

Take photo spheres or Tiny Planets

tiny planet made with 360 camera

Tiny Planets are a popular way to warp the classic 360 still into what looks like a miniature world. You can make a Tiny Planet by creating a 2D image of your 360-degree panorama.  

Tiny planets, or photo spheres, can also be captured with your phone, but a 360 camera simplifies the process. Many 360 cameras even come with a mode in their phone app that helps them create photo spheres. Otherwise, you can use a third-party app like the free Tiny Planet Maker for Android.

To get a captivating Tiny Planet photo, you want to find the right place to take the shot. Since “framing” the picture isn’t an issue (the camera captures everything!), you want to find a central position where there are points of interest in every direction.

Film 360-degree views underwater

The GoPro has changed the photography landscape when it comes to recording footage underwater. But imagine giving your viewers a more immersive experience by sharing 360-degree footage.

The GoPro Fusion 360 camera is fully waterproof, even without a case, and takes high quality, hands-free recordings underwater. Just see below how impressive these recordings can be.

Create your own VR experience

woman wearing VR goggles

Instead of rolling out the projector screen or casting your holiday photos to your television, imagine if you could make your family and friends feel as if they were standing right beside you.

Some 360 cameras can pair with the Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard headset, so your viewers can feel like they’re truly in the scene.

See everyone in video conferences

360 camera for video conference

A great way for documentary-makers to record meetings (or for businesses to record conferences) is to place a 360 camera in the middle of the table to capture everyone present, all at the same time.

Some specialist cameras are steadily being released with two-way broadcasting capabilities, which facilitates conference calls.

Immerse potential buyers in 360-degree real estate tours

Many real estate agents are now embracing the power of 360-degree photo tours so that potential buyers can view a house immersively before they even visit it.

360-degree tours are a great way to gain an advantage over other real estate agents and do a great job showcasing your best listings.

Ready to start exploring new perspectives?

At Camera House, we have a range of up-to-date 360 cameras that will change the way you record and share your holidays or conduct business.

Browse our selection of 360 cameras and show us what you can do with this innovative technology today!

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