5 Instagramers that make you proud to be Australian

Now to narrow down just 5 great Instagram accounts known for their amazing photography within Australia was no small feat, however, we feel like we’ve done you well. Here are our top 5 picks, if you have a favourite that wasn’t included (we’re sure there will be a lot) leave them below in the comments.

1. Matt Glastonbury

If there’s one person who lives a truly spectacular Aussie life, it’s @MattGlastonbury.

Matt provides enough posts of enviable locations, photography skills, and encounters with local furry friends to inspire you on the laziest of days.

2. William Patino

Wollongong local, published photographer, perspective master @William_Patino lives for the photo.

If you’re looking for some NSW photography hot spots then take a look no further, William will provide you with enough weekend locations to last the summer… There’s also quite a few abroad too.

3. Aquabumps

If you’re a fan of Bondi, or just a fan of beach documentary photography then take a look at Eugene Tan’s Instagram Account @aquabumps.

Cool, crisp and casual is the tone of this page – it will calm your senses in a heartbeat and give you inspiration for some new summer tones to try.

4. Broadsheet, Melbourne

Not the conventional photography inspiration page, but while we’re on the lines of documentary style photography, sink your teeth into the journalist account @broadsheet_melb.

Broadsheet serves up not only a hit list of places to visit in Melbourne and its surrounds but also a glimpse into great Food & Commercial photography.

5. Australia

Now this isn’t a solo photographer, it’s Tourism Australia’s account. @Australia features images taken by, well, anyone.

This account is full of “oh so cute” native animals, gorgeous coastlines, the beautifully burnt orange outback and much more. It’s a must follow for your daily dose of reality on how lucky we are to live in this country.

Instagram is full of inspiration for budding Photographers, follow us @CameraHouse, to stay in the loop with our favourites as we discover them.

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