7 Camera Accessories Professionals Can’t Live Without


It is said only a small part of amazing photography is about the equipment. And it’s true; to capture a stunning landscape shot, a photographer must be ready to rise early or brave a storm. They must be willing to venture off the beaten path. They must have an eye to detail and a bit of technical know-how to capture the best of the scenery in the digital dark room post-shoot.

But you can’t hike a summit, spend a day atop it and capture a sharp, clean image with a few necessary camera accessories. But there is a minefield of camera accessories out there, so what do you really need?

Here at Camera House, we’ve concentrated on some of the accessories essential to any photographer, accessories that professional photographers simply can’t live without.

1. Additional battery

Nobody wants to miss that perfect shot – certainly not because of a dead battery – but it’s an all too common mistake. We highly recommend buying an additional battery so you never miss a moment of the action. They can easily fit into most camera bags (another must-have accessory – see below) and leave you with that satisfied feeling of being prepared.

Most major brands (including Canon, Nikon, GoPro, Olympus, Sony and more) supply their own batteries to suit all variety of cameras. But if finances are a bit of an issue, you can also invest in cost-effective third party batteries. ProMaster is a battery provider that offers terrific value.

2. A second SD card

A vital cog in a well-oiled camera setup is a second SD card. With the development of digital technology, photographers can take a whole heap of photos and pick out the gems later. This is a popular technique but it often results in a clogged up SD card and hurried, frustrated attempts to delete data to free up space. Meanwhile you’re missing the show.

But there’s a simple solution: invest in a second SD card.

If you have a DSLR or high-definition camcorder – or any high-performance digital camera – you’ll need to check the speeds as well as the storage capacity. Most cameras will prefer and respond far better to Class 6 or 10 speed memory cards.

3. Camera bag

A camera bag is another essential camera accessory which, like many things, come in many different shapes and sizes.

Because your camera is likely a major investment, it’s important to find a bag that protects your camera and fits all your accessories (including that additional battery and SD card), without being too cumbersome and fiddly.

4. Camera tripod

Depending on what type of photographer you are, you’ll want a tripod to enhance your image stability. A tripod will help you produce high quality, creative photographs.

Even the steadiest of hands is no match for a tripod, which improves an image by increasing its sharpness and balancing the sensitivity and aperture. Of course, the type of tripod you get is up to you but we suggest a sturdy, compact type.

5. Lens accessories

Lenses can often cost you more than the camera body itself. Whether this is true for you or not, you’ll probably want some accessories for your lens too. We agree with all those outdoor photographers who preach the importance of lens hoods, those circular devices you stick on the end of your lens to provide glare protection from the sun.

There are also filters, which are fun to play with and are vital to protect that lens glass, as well as lens cases and other goodies.

6. Remote

A camera remote allows you to trigger your camera from a distance so you can capture more stable images – and be in your own photographs.

Nowadays, remotes are more than just a solitary button. Some come with a great range of options, including time-lapse, time delay or two-stage shutter buttons. You can also come with wired or wireless remotes.

7. Cables, cleaners and printers

Here we’ve collected a few of our other favourite camera accessories. Camera cables are a necessity for HDMI input, charging purposes, audio and video connections and much more.

Keep your camera and lens clean with all manner of cloths, cleaning pens and cleaning kits.

Finally, there’s the printer. The last thing you want, after you’ve invested in a great camera and all these accessories and taken the perfect shot, is a bad print job to ruin all your hard work.

Camera House has you covered for any of these camera accessories. For more information, pop down to one of our stores where our friendly staff are waiting, or browse our online catalogue.

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