8 Vlogging Tips to Help You Stand Out & Earn Money

In our last post, we discussed steps for how to start a vlog. This included tips on establishing what type of vlogger you’d like to be and the best type of equipment to set you up right.

This time around, we’re focusing on how you can build your audience and get noticed so you can rise above the competition and potentially make money. Read tips about when to post, how to make compelling videos and how to make your vlog stand out!


How to build your vlogging audience through good content

A great way to make a name for yourself is to produce quality content. Here are some tips to help your vlog:

Make your video compelling in the first 15 seconds

We as humans are known for our short attention spans. Studies have shown that many of your viewers won’t watch past the first 15 seconds. As a result, it’s crucial you pack your video with intrigue and excitement at the start, with a hook that will keep your viewers interested.

An effective hook builds curiosity so tease the best bits of your vlog episode at the start. Personality also plays a huge role. Try to inject your own style and appeal into your vlogs. Viewers often gravitate to vlogs that are funny, or vlogs with people they can relate to.

Tell a story

Before you record your vlog, take a moment to consider the structure and flow. The fact is, having a narrative is far superior to a random bunch of clips. This could be as simple as adding in some snazzy transitions or a few video overlays to make it really stand out.


Creative Editing

Another way you can stand out is through creative editing. Colourful text overlays or visual overlays can add value to your vlog and help tell your story at the same time.

Music can also add a creative touch as well as atmosphere to your vlogs. Just remember to be careful with copyrighted music. Even if you tag it in your description, YouTube may remove it if it finds you to be in breach of their code. To be on the safe side, err towards royalty free music.

If you’re not into any of these gimmicks, just take the time to edit your videos crisply.

Frequency of posting

There’s no right formula when it comes to how often you should upload videos. However, it’s better to be fairly consistent. If you vlog daily for the first month then once the following month, your followers will get confused.

How often you vlog also depends on what your niche is. A food or movie vlog, say, might benefit more from regular posts than a labour-intensive vlog about travel.

Stay on top of trends

You can build a considerable audience by producing vlogs on topical content. If you are early to a trend, your video is more likely to have an instant uptake, which will stand it in good stead even after other people follow suit (YouTube’s algorithm favours popular and timely videos).

How to promote your vlogging audience through outreach

Quality and timely content is great. But it’s not great if no one knows it’s there. This is why outreach is so important. Here are three ways to get your name out there:


Contact blogs

Getting in touch with bloggers is an effective way to build your audience. They’ve done it themselves so you may just wish to ask them for some tips. Or ask them to view your content and provide feedback or ask them to share it if they like it.

Commenting on relevant blogs is another way to boost your reach. Chances are, a percentage of their audience will read your comment and click the link to your video.

Social media

You should definitely promote your vlog using social media channels. If you have funds to play with, consider boosting the posts to targeted audiences. But the potential of social media doesn’t stop there. Be active on Facebook groups and forums too.

Another tactic is to host a competition. This is a great way to build your audience, although it also takes time and money to run.

Scour the web for other opportunities

The internet is full of places you can promote your vlog to. Reddit is one example. Question and answer websites like Quora are another. Popular news publications with comments sections can work too. The trick at first is to try different avenues and see what works.

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Put your best self forward

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