A world of photographs to inspire you

We live in a modern, technologically savvy world, where even young children are able to access the internet and navigate around it with great proficiency.

With social networking sites and photosharing sites such as Facebook and Flickr exploding in their popularity and Twitter leading the charge in creating minute by minute macrocosms of information, many of us are overwhelmed by an abundance of images.

And it seems that being a photographer is the equivalent of being an actor now-a-days. Many are called, but few are chosen.

So where can you go to see really, really great photographs on the net? Photographs that are not just the same old boring snap shots that you see every day on Facebook but ones to inspire and confound, to delight and distress you?

Well you could start with any of these sites and you may even be brave enough to become a part of the commentary on them as well. You might even dream of submitting a photo or two one day…

…and that should do to start with!

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