Reviewed: Our Favourite Action Cameras

If you’re the adventurous sort, you’re really in luck today with the technological advances that make capturing your feats possible. Gone are the days of trying to convince your friends and family you really took that terrifying leap off the world’s highest bungy jump. Now, you can have the footage to prove it – all from your own point of view. Since the earliest days of the tough bite-sized action camera, we’ve seen a huge growth in choice, with so many products out there now it’s hard to keep track of the best. Today here at Camera House, we take a look at our personal favourites and give you a full action camera review that will leave you confident you’ve made the right purchasing decision.

Key features of the action camera

The best action cameras have a few key features that are quite different to your everyday camera. To begin, you need a fast shutter speed to capture every frame clearly. Alongside that, you’ll want superb image stabilisation to prevent image blurring. You’ll undoubtedly need an option for continuous shooting – or burst shooting – which will take a series of shots in quick succession so you can pick the best of the best. So here’s a review of our absolute favourite action cameras and why you might want to consider buying one for your next extreme sports adventure.

GoPro Hero3: White Edition

The GoPro Hero3: White Edition is a fabulous action camera with supreme image quality. It’s 20% smaller and 15% lighter than its predecessor. Yet it still manages to capture incredible image quality with 5mp still shots or 1080p at 30fps (frames per second) videos. You can submerge this camera up to 40 metres, mount it on any gear, wear it; you can even throw it at the wall and be confident it’ll bounce right off unhurt (but we don’t advice you testing that out anyway!). With faster Wi-Fi and a new Superview shooting mode for wide angle shots, the GoPro Hero3 White Edition is excellent value for money. And we haven’t even mentioned the extraordinary array of GoPro mounts and accessories you can get to accompany your valued equipment.



The PolaroidCube lifestyle action video camera doesn’t compare in image quality to a GoPro, but we just love its original, cute design and compact size. It has some pretty neat features, including a waterproof and splash-proof body that’s built to handle anything you throw at it. It can capture videos and stills with a 124 degree wide-angle lens and is able to record ongoing footage for up to 90 minutes. But what we love most about it (aside from its adorable design) is that for its price tag, this is a great budget alternative to the higher end action cameras.


It might not match up to the reverence GoPro attracts, but the JVC ADIXXION is a worthy addition to our list because it’s so easy to use. It offers a range of features and capabilities that sets it a notch above the competition. It can withstand a 2m drop and is dustproof, freeze-proof and waterproof to 5 metres. And that’s all without any additional housing; this camera still fits snugly in your pocket and is incredibly lightweight. It’s got a nice, big 1.5 inch LCD screen, built-in Wi-Fi, a handy full-sized SD card slot, and is fitted with a digital image stabiliser. It shoots at 1080p/60fps. And all that means its image quality is just as you’d expect: sharp, sweet and beautiful.



If there’s one thing we love about the iON AIR PRO, it’s its sleek bullet-shaped and lightweight design, popular with cyclists. This little camera weighs in at only 130 grams, but it still manages to deliver 5mp photos and 1080p/60fps HD videos. It boasts a super wide lens of 170 degrees, a simple slide switch to turn it on, and a vibration record confirmation to indicate when recording starts and stops. But what really stands out is its ability to shoot and share your videos in real-time across social media thanks to the iON WiFi Podz (an optional extra).


GoPro HERO4: Silver Edition

We saved the action camera superstar for last. The HERO4: Silver Edition can’t be beaten for image quality, durability and audio. It’s been fitted with an easy-to-use touchscreen, which makes camera control so much easier. And you can enjoy 12mp photos and 1080p at 60fps videos that are bound to immerse all your viewers in the action. We love its QuikCapture feature that lets you turn the camera on and start recording by pressing just one button. Plus you can throw anything at it (maybe not literally) and it’s almost guaranteed to withstand it all.

If you’re planning an extreme sports adventure or just love capturing the action without having to stop mid-action to do it, these action cameras are just the thing for you. Browse online at Camera House for our huge range of action photography equipment today.

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