Alpha Awe – Sony A77

Last night was the launch of Sony’s new line up and needless to say the launch left everyone buzzing with excitement from the advancements Sony have made and also the new models like the Mac Daddy – the Sony A77.

We were, as we’re sure you’re going to be, gob smacked with the announcement of the A77 boasting a massive 24.3 Megapixels on an APS-C! Further to that, 12 Frames per second shooting at optimum Resolution JPG and RAW combined and an electronic viewfinder which derives its focus system solely on the sensor – when we were approached to ‘come and look at the difference’ it far exceeded all expectations, crystal clear quality that definitely brings what you are viewing to life! The A77 far surpasses anything seen and we’re sure it is going to mean a great year for Sony as it’s not only this model that puts us all in awe but other models also that make Sony a serious all rounder for anyone in the market for a camera.

The A77 has been designed for head turning, its sleek design and alloy body is going to set this camera apart in the market. The attention to detail Sony have taken to ensure the best user experience is reflective through the design also, dials are easy accessible and the weight of the camera is spot on. It still has that robust DSLR feel we all love however we are confident in saying you could carry this around all day without hesitation.

Now we bet you’re thinking – where do I get my hands on one? Be patient guys the A77 won’t be hitting Australian stores until October but patience is the key here because once you see this camera we assure you it is the real deal, you’ll be astounded.

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  • Jonathan says:

    “WOWwww” Really looking forward to this camera, hopfully Sony Australia will set the price right though and if they do, I’ll be picking one of these up 🙂

  • Slater says:

    yeah, they sure look awesome! Unfortunately, Sony has seen fit to charge Australians an extra $700 (for the kit) than Us shoppers even though our dollar is at or above parity.

    c’mawn Sony!!


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