8 Awesome Photos Taken from Drones

Have you ever looked out over a vast vista and found that your photos just don’t do the scale justice? There may be an answer for this troublesome challenge. Drones.

Drones and quadcopters these days make aerial photography a viable option for any keen photographer. These unmanned aerial vehicles make it possible for you to explore a perspective of our world that you’ll never otherwise have a chance to see.

We’ve had the enviable task of combing the internet for some of our favourite aerial photos taken with drones. Here are 8 of the best (in our opinion!):

Tamul Waterfall

tamul waterfall drone image

(Image courtesy of postandfly)

This aerial shot captures one of Mexico’s most stunning waterfalls in a unique and dizzying perspective. This is the point where the Gallinas river tumbles 105 metres into the Santa Maria river.

Burnt Creek Inlet

burnt tree inlet drone photo

(Image courtesy of Les Will Photo)

Back in Australia, we love the starkness of this image of a dead tree in Victoria’s Burnt Creek Inlet. The ghostly white of the tree contrasts wonderfully with the murky aquamarine waters below.

Eagle Overhead

eagle in drone image

(Image courtesy of capungaero)

This picture really takes the bird’s eye view to a whole new level. If you’ve ever wanted to know what it might feel like to be an eagle soaring high above the landscape, this view gives you a pretty good idea.

Winter Fields

winter fields from aerial photo

(Image courtesy of manofword)

This almost appears to be an abstract image modelled from paint, rather than an aerial photograph. It was taken in Huron, Ohio and the bleak colours certainly makes it stand out.

Boats in Rio de Janeiro

aerial of boats in rio de janeiro

(Image courtesy of Ric Netto)

By contrast, we love the pops of colour the docked boats give this image. It’s all too typical of Rio de Janeiro to give us this burst of vibrant colour.

Birds on a Wire

birds nest on wires aerial image

(Image courtesy of Myszon)

How about this spectular image from Poland? This family of storks has made themselves at home on electrical wires and we think it looks quite cosy.

Bird’s Eye Portraits

circle of people from above

(Image courtesy of jericsaniel)

If you’ve ever troubled yourself with wondering how to approach people for a photo, just pull out your drone. That’s what jericsaniel did when he began flying his drone in a Manila park in the Philippines. When people came to watch the drone’s progress, he managed to capture this marvellous shot.

City in the Mist

drone image above city in mist

(Image courtesy of Ricardo Matiello)

As we wind up back in Brazil for our last photo, we have to pay our respects to Ricardo Matiello for taking his drone out on a foggy day to capture this shot above the mist. He had no idea what his drone might find above the clouds, but I think we have to agree it was well worth the shot.

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