What Are the Best Photography Jobs in 2019?

It’s estimated more than a trillion photos are taken every year, thanks to the advent of smartphone technology. Now, everyone’s a photographer. Thanks to social media platforms, everyone can publish their photos for the whole world to see.

That might put photographers at a disadvantage since there’s a wealth of photographs produced every day – and some of the most memorable photos of 2018 were taken by amateurs.

But in fact, the global love affair with imagery means it is perhaps no better time to be a photographer. There are now so many varying photography jobs out there that it is, perhaps, easier than ever to make money from your craft. Below, we’ve listed some of the best jobs to look for in 2019.

Portrait photographer


Everybody wants their picture taken these days and portrait photography knows no bounds. You can capture family shots, baby pics, business profiles, or even pets.

In the corporate sector, businesses are rejecting stiff studio shots in favour of candid, on-location images that will work across their website and social media channels.

Portrait photographers might be on location getting the shots or they might have a studio. Word of mouth is one of the fastest ways to become successful, but you can also make great use of social media to spread the word.

Social media photographer

phone with social media photographs

Instagram has arguably been a gamechanger for many small businesses, essentially giving them a free platform to market their product or service. But they won’t get very far without a quality grid.

Social media marketing calls for professional photos, which could involve product photography, portrait photography, or even videography.

Because of this, social media has also been a game changer for professional photographers. Your services are in demand now more than ever before and social media photography poses a lucrative business.


photojournalist holding camera

Photojournalism is one of the most revered and well-respected photography trades. Many of the world’s most memorable photographs have been taken by photojournalists in the field.

Photojournalists have their pieces printed in newspapers, magazines, and online publications. Their images usually tell a story – often emotional – and must be superior quality. They can be employed by major publications or they can freelance. And though it’s tough to break into photojournalism as a career, the rewards are still incredible.

Fashion photographer

woman holding flare for fashion photograph

Fashion photography is great for photographers who like a little creativity. Many fine arts photographers also pursue fashion journalism to supplement the sales of their photos.

To break into fashion photography requires perseverance and plenty of networking. You can even get a photo agent who will take charge of selling your photos – much like an actor’s agent or a literary agent would do.

Real estate photographer

large room for real estate photography

Real estate photography is growing in a BIG way. This involves photographing properties in a gorgeous light that encourages interest. Most real estate agents understand that professional images help get potential buyers in the homes.

Alongside real estate photography is photography for hotels and accommodation. Take Airbnb rooms. These are often shot on smartphones and aren’t nearly as enticing as a professional shoot.

Event photographer

hands in air at concert

Event photography is as popular now as it was 50 years ago – perhaps even more so now thanks to social media. You could specialise in a particular field, such as concerts, weddings, or corporate events.

Event photography can be tiring so it’s important you price it appropriately. Social media marketing and word of mouth are both great ways to attract attention to your services. You can even take up an assistant role to gain experience.

Stock photographer

hands over work table

Stock photography isn’t the most exciting form of photography but it’s a great way to make a passive income by selling your photos on stock photo sites.

Most sites pay a flat rate that varies drastically (from a couple of cents to $1-2 per image) every time your photo is downloaded. It might be a good way to supplement your income.

So what photography job will you take?

2019 is shaping up to be a great year for professional photographers. Thanks to the advent of social media, the opportunities are rife to get your name out there and your skills discovered.

But of course, professional photography requires professional equipment. Browse our range of quality cameras and accessories to up your game today.

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