Bloggie Goes 3D

If you hadn’t already realised, 3D is the next ubiquitous technology. You are going to see it popping up on all manner of devices in the coming year and Sony is leading the charge, having equipped many of their new model cameras, camcorders and TVs with the feature.

Next up to get the 3D treatment is the popular social network camera the Bloggie. Already given an upgrade to touchscreen technology and HD footage in the last quarter of 2010, 2011 sees another new model on the horizon that offers high quality MP4 video and still shooting as well as shoot and share capabilities plus of course, 3D recording…

Says Sony Electronics Andy Bubala director of camcorder business at SE “As the popularity of pocket cameras grow, we not only wanted to provide simple, compact video and photo solutions, we wanted to make these devices fun and different while still delivering a high quality product. With Sony paving the way for 3D entertainment, that technology was the perfect addition to the Bloggie family and robust offering of 3D solutions.”

The new Bloggie 3D (MHS FS3) features two lenses, two image sensors stereo mic and built in LED and can shoot footage in 3D or 2D. Footage can be played back in full 3D on the camera’s LCD or plugged into a 3D compatible TV for sharing with friends. The new 3d bloggie is expected to ship in March.

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