Bright, Light & Powerful – The New Tough TG-2

In the harshest of weather and terrain conditions, the Stylus Tough TG-2’s super bright F2.0† zoom lens lets you photograph in natural light with outstanding clarity. Its improved sealing system enables you to capture brilliant photos and videos to a depth of 15 meters without the aid of an additional housing. Its new Advanced Super Macro feature enables extraordinary microscope-class magnification, helping you explore an exciting new world of micro-photography previously impossible with a compact digital camera.

The Stylus Tough TG-2 features the world’s brightest zoom lens in a ruggedised compact camera. The wide-angle 4x zoom covers a versatile 25-100mm* range to easily capture wide landscapes, underwater vistas, or close-range portraits. Its robust optical system is designed to retain precise imaging accuracy even when the camera is dropped or heavily knocked. This high-performance lens makes use of professional-class optics derived from Olympus’ renowned Zuiko SLR lenses, giving you sharp and vibrant pictures throughout its zoom range. For precise control of background blurring, its Aperture Priority exposure mode provides fine adjustment of depth-of-field (background defocus), maximising the aesthetic power of the bright F2.0† lens. Precision-matched, optional Fisheye and Telephoto lens converters can be bayonet-mounted to the front of the lens to enhance visual perspectives, both on land and underwater.

The TG-2 provides exceptional convenience and ease-of-handling underwater for diving up to 15m deep. An optional accessory housing (PT-053) extends usability to 45m. Its built-in digital depth gauge doubles up as an altimeter above ground, it a bright LED macro-light provides clear illumination underwater and on land.

Photographers who enjoy macro photography will revel in the Stylus Tough TG-2’s extraordinary close-up shooting capabilities. A new Advanced Super Macro feature enables focusing to a just 1cm from the front of the camera lens, throughout the entire zoom range. With Super Resolution Zoom activated and the zoom set to 100mm, subject magnification is a stunning 14x. The micro-world can now be easily captured with true microscope enlargement power – a world’s first for a compact digital camera. As a ‘digital microscope’ in the field, the combination of Digital and Super-Resolution zooms provide viewing enlargements of up to 45x on the OLED screen (i.e., a 1mm long subject will appear 45mm in length on the
screen) with varied nature observation, forensic and educational uses. As an ideal outdoor and adventure camera, the Stylus Tough TG-2 is equipped with myriad satellite location, geo-tagging and mapping capabilities. A-GPS (Assist-GPS) provides a rapid ten-second satellite detection capability via user pre-download of 10-day valid satellite positioning information from the internet. The GPS Logger function provides travelled position data for use with Google Earth and similar
cartographic applications. A built-in database of 700,000 global landmarks display on-screen name descriptions of geographic landmarks/landscapes. The built-in electronic compass provides convenient direction finding.

Olympus’ iHS technology provides the TG-2 with high-speed operation and highsensitivity imaging power. With a BSI-CMOS image sensor and a TruePic VI DSLRclass image processor, the TG-2 has incredibly quick reflexes and focusing speed, capturing high-quality, vibrant images across a wide ISO range.

FlashAir card support enables the direct and wireless transfer of photographs to nsocial media sites via smartphones and tablets powered by the Olympus OI.Share app (available free for both iOS and Android).

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