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Canon’s EOS 700D DSLR camera offers a competitive option in the entry-level DSLR market. If you’re a photography enthusiast, or even just looking for your first break into the more complex DSLR range, this is the camera to go for.

Canon has designed its 700D camera to be a versatile option for amateurs and pros alike. With its comprehensive automatic and manual modes, it’s a great digital SLR to use regardless of your skill level.

The Canon 700D doesn’t look all that different from its predecessor, the 650D. In fact, it’s a pretty subtle update overall. In addition to pre-existing features, it offers a superbly smooth IS STM lens, some design changes, and the ability to preview images in Creative Mode as you go.

But is it really worth the upgrade? Check out our review below:


The Canon 700D has a lot of similarities to its older sister, the 650D. The 18mp CMOS sensor remains the same, as does the 14-point Digic 5 processor. But it does have a few solid improvements, including the impressive native ISO range between 100 and 12,800 (a step up from the 600D’s maximum ISO 6400!).

The 700D’s 9-point Auto-Focus arrangement doesn’t rival many cameras in the same category (specifically the Nikon D5200’s 39-point AF). But it does offer an innovative Hybrid AF system that’s based around on-sensor auto-focus pixels to diversify your options beyond the AF sensor’s 9 focus points. This system combines contrast and phase-detect technologies for better performance, speeding up Live View and video capture modes dramatically.


The 700D offers improved quality in the Canon design, with a more durable body and a textured coating mode dial with raised markings. It gives the camera a sturdier feel and a slick look.

Its generously-sized right-hand grip, abrasive finish, and smaller, more lightweight design (it weighs in at 575g) makes carrying and using this DSLR a pleasure.

In the field

Where this camera really stands apart is when you’re using it in the field. Not only does it offer a comfortable fit in your hand, it also fosters ease of use without compromising on image quality.

Don’t get us wrong; the 700D has its drawbacks. The optical viewfinder, for examples only covers 95% of the scene you’re shooting. Thankfully, the 3-inch, 1040k-dot LCD screen in 3:2 aspect ratio more than makes up for it, offering 100% field of vision.

In fact, we love this articulated screen. It doesn’t just offer crisp, sharp images. It extends 180 degrees out from the camera body and can swivel on its hinge; a useful feature when you’re shooting from an awkward angle or taking a self-portrait. This hinge also enables you to fold the screen back into the camera body for added protection when you’re on the go.

Even better, the LCD display includes a touch screen, enabling you to short cut to your favourite controls and get to your preferred modes faster. You can use the touch screen for focusing as well as triggering the shutter.

But Canon doesn’t ditch the buttons altogether – indeed, it doesn’t ditch them at all, allowing enough space for both the touch screen and the traditional buttons, including the familiar four-way directional pad. And the brand hasn’t stopped there.

The mode dial is even more easy to use, if you switch frequently between shooting modes. The 700D offers a 360 degree dial so you can shift between modes quickly and easily.

The model sadly neglects built-in Wi-Fi, so if you’re hoping to upload images onto your laptop or straight onto social media, you’ll have to do it the traditional way.

Video performance

Canon’s triple-digit range of DSLRs is renowned for their high quality video performance. The 700D is no different, capturing Full HD 1080p video at either 30, 25, or 24 frames per second, with 60 or 50 fps available at lower resolutions.

A real improvement on previous models is this camera’s faster, smoother focus thanks to its new STM suffix (stepping motor) lens. The noise control and smoother operation is in fact one of this camera’s highlights.


As with all Canon DSLRs, this camera provides amazing image quality and its high quality video recording is top of the range.

The Canon 700D doesn’t offer many differences from its predecessor, but those newer features do provide a better user experience, especially if you’re wanting to shoot plenty of videos or are just starting out and need a bit more guidance.

Check out the full list of specs and details online at Camera House today.

Price: $749 for the body, $849 with an 18-55mm lens or the Hot price of $999 with 18-55mm & 55-200mm IS STM Lenses for our Stocktake Sale ending 5/07/2015.


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