Canon EOS 5D MkIII Vs 5D MkII

Last Friday was the announcement of the long awaited Canon 5D Mark III and we have just been lucky enough to have a chat with Canon and a hands on look at this exciting new model to really dive into the nitty gritty of what this camera brings offers in comparison to it’s predecessor the MkII. Let me tell you, this camera is definitely going to revolutionise the way you take photos and is aimed at both professionals and enthusiasts with the integration of a lot of new key features.

The MkIII has the same fully customisable AF system that Canon’s brand new top of the range pro model – the EOS 1DX, meaning big things for not only Portrait and Landscape Photographers as traditionally the 5D has been marketed to but also for the Sports photographer. Picture someone doing breaststroke in a pool and you want to record this, however the subject keeps going under water and then of course coming back up, previously cameras have really struggled in getting consistent focus on the subject due to timing however the new customisable AF system built into the MkIII completely obliterates this problem. You can coach your camera to remember what it is looking for via the timing/tracking settings.

Something that we see extreme value in is the integration of the DIG!C 5+ Image Processor. This processor is 17x more powerful than the Digic4 processor in the 5dMKII and this translates to far great speed, performance and processing power. It will give you unsurpassed image quality with low noise. Plus the camera enables shooting a full 2 stops further from ISO100-25600!

Before we step away from the sports theme let’s take a look at the fact that the MkIII has a 61-pt high density AF system – all points are selectable, with up to 41 cross type AF points for more precise detail. Combine this with the 6 Frames Per Second shooting and the DIG!C 5+ image processor the sky is really the limit. Canon have tested and proved the theory that the only thing that will limit this camera to take multiple photos one after the other is the size of the memory card. Again a sports photographers dream.

AF Tracking Display

For those who are more in the line of videography than this camera will keep you more than satisfied. With the 5D MkIII you can slow your images down to 50 or 60 frames per second in 720p giving you beautiful slow video in camera without any post production work and the new built-in time code feature means you can sync your two cameras (if you’re lucky enough to have two) which makes post production a lot simpler also.

There’s also now a whopping maximum of 29 minutes continuous recording meaning those who are shooting longer scenes can do so at ease. One of the more practical features of the new 5D MkIII is the new Silent Audio Touch Dial allowing you to alter your audio levels without impacting the sound of the video. One of the core features of this camera is the full frame sensor, what it gives you is not just true focal length size but also amazing shallow depth of fields which we all love. With all of these improvements plus more it now takes independent film making to the next level.

Controls, Parts & Designs

At first feel the 5D MkIII really has the prestige feel of the 7D and has some really great new features that make it that little bit more appealing. One of the most practical inclusions is the Mode Dial lock. With the old dials with no lock system you found when running around like mad photographers usually do, that bumping the dial and putting your settings out was a continual occurrence, so this new little detail is definitely welcomed with warm arms. Some other cool features are the integration of the ‘Rate’ button, you know what it’s like when you go out on a shoot take 1000+ images and then have to filter through them to find your favourites, well the rate button takes out all of the hard work. When you like a photo and you want to remember it, rate it between 1 and 5 and then when you upload your photos to your computer the images will sort themselves into the ratings in which you applied.

Another new feature is the introduction of the Creative button featured on the left hand side of the body. This button with one click takes you right into the feature guide where you can choose from Multiple Exposures, HDR and Comparative Playback function.

All of these little details have definitely made this camera a real gem and have definitely taken a lot of the hassle out of photography. You can see the photographer was in mind when building this camera and we applaud Canon for doing so, the little details are the ones that make our lives so much easier.

And to sign out we’ll leave you with some research of how the specs of the 5D MkIII weigh up against its predecessor the MkII.

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