Canon Legria HF R106

A great entry level camera that offers professional features at a budget price, the Canon Legria HF R106 delivers HD recording directly to an SDHC card. You can capture up to 12 hours and 15 mins of footage on a 32 GB card so you’ll always have room for your next shoot.

The progressive CMOS sensor enables you to grab footage on the fly that’s crisp and clear while the genuine Canon 20x HD aspheric video lens serves up precision zoom footage that’s fast and accurate so you’ll never miss a shot.

If you’re worried that you don’t quite have the nous to make the most of this camera – never fear – the ‘Intelligent Auto’ system automatically recognises the optimal shooting settings based on your environment (31 scenes) and dynamic image stability will kick in to prevent image blur when shooting handheld and on the go.

A wonderful entry level HD camera with features that will see you shooting like a pro.

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