Clever & Quirky Photo Friday Winner

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Image by Angela Hayward

What inspired this photo?
I had recently been to the Digital Show at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre and had listened to Aussie Canon Master Photographer Graham Monro make his presentation. I had also been checking out the AIPP awards and the winning images feeling really inspired by the high standard of photographers. I love Graham’s style and the way he is able to capture everyone’s unique personalities in his portraits.

I knew this family were keen for a family portrait, to capture everyone in their element, I also knew these guys would be perfect for this genre! So on my way home I started planning how I would make this work.
We froze time with this image, capturing the family at this precise moment in their life – all family members representing their individual personalities while standing still yet very much united as a ‘gang’ prepared to take on the chaos and excitement of family life in the 21st century.

This image is relaxed, irreverent and inclusive – a true collaboration of insights and ideas!

The image is ‘set-up’ yet natural – traditional yet anything but! This family monument (with a twist) will hang front and center on the lounge room wall and in the hearts and smiles of its subjects. I have had so much positive feedback with this image and I am looking forward  to creating many more “Clever and Quirky” family portraits.

What camera did you use?
Canon 5d Mark III, 28-70mm L f/2.8 lens,

What settings did you use?
Manual mode IOS 640 F/3.5 1/2000 sec. Focal length 46mm
(I wanted a high shutter speed to freeze this little person in this image, as she was very busy running around!)
I love to shoot in RAW, even though the file sizes are so huge, I love the fact that I can make adjustments to an image so easily….It is however, so important to get it right in camera first. For this image I wanted it to look a little HDR and a little like a painting at the same time.

Did you edit this image, if so what did you do and with what program?
I used Adobe Lightroom 4 to begin with for my basic RAW editing adjustments such as white balance, exposure, contrast, highlights and shadows, whites and blacks and sharpening. I then transported into Adobe Photoshop CS6 and added a haze and warm vintage look and a lot of dodge and burn. Then the image was transported back into Adobe Lightroom for final de-saturate and then vignette and grain was added. By this stage I felt that the image just needed one final touch, so I contacted a local very talented Artist/Illustrator that I know and asked him to create a hand-drawn background that I was able to place over the top of the image via photoshop.

Do you have any advice for our community of photographers?
Best advice – I think you end up viewing the world and composition differently when looking though a lens. Immerse yourself in photography,learn your trade and your equipment, challenge yourself especially when you feel down or un-inspired. Read everything you can – blogs, magazines, books, study styles and genre, seek inspiration from other photographers, learn from experience and challenges, join groups to help with technical elements (Facebook has heaps), participate in workshops and short courses. But most of all find your own style and work on it!

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