Olympus OM-D In Stores Next Week!

Olympus have revealed their new top of the line Micro Four Thirds camera which will set an all new high standard for the Compact System category.

The revolutionary new mirrorless camera is light and compact which is everything you’d expect to see in a camera of this category, however there are some outstanding features you wouldn’t expect in a camera of this size.

Olympus has integrated a new electronic viewfinder in the OM-D and with 100% field-of-view coverage and 1.15x maximum magnification you’ll see better than ever true to life images that will have you in awe. One clever little feature not seen before is the advanced digital image processing functions all viewable via the EVF allowing you to see the effects of Highlights, Shadow Control, White Balance, Exposure Compensation, Aspect ratio and a slew of other advanced digital image processing functions. The new EVF is something that I think will give the best of us a rise as it’s true to life clarity is going to minimise time spent with post production work and aside from that will give you unlimited creative control.

This camera has all of the features you’d expect and more in a new to market camera, but it’s style and old school looks and elegance that has people talking. If you’re looking for one of these beauties head into your local camera house store early next week and there will be one waiting for you!

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