Congratulations Jean Harwood!

So the time came where we decided to wonder, is it time to change the name of our Better Pictures Guarantee*? With this being said we thought who better to ask than our community of budding photographers from our Facebook page. We had hundreds of suggestions and they were all great, some extremely in depth and others that were just highly punchy and to the point. However there was one that really stood out to us and that was the suggestion of Jean Harwood “Picture Perfect Promise.” It’s covers everything that is tied up in the current Better Pictures Guarantee and also some new little additions that we plan on bringing to the table on 2012.

Congratulations to Jean who is being rewarded with a Lowepro Fastpack 350, we hope you enjoy it and thank you for all of your well thought out suggestions! A big thank you to all who entered their ideas it was very humbling to see the effort everyone put in 🙂

*Please note: This may not be the name that goes to print however it was our favourite name put forward hence the winner being awarded the prize.


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