Entry Level Sony A65 – New & Exciting!

As you may have read, Sony have recently launched a new range of cameras. We’ve told you about the A77 and the new and exciting NEX range so with no further adieu here is our take on the Sony A65!

Unveiled to Camera House at the Sony launch two weeks ago was the so called entry level A65. While it is going to sport the entry level price tag (in stores October) it far surpasses what we had expected to see with great features like a 24.3 megapixel sensor, 10 frames per second shooting and with full-time phase-detection autofocus, translucent mirror technology and the list goes on.

Something that we’re sure you’re all going to love is the advanced 15 point autofocus with three cross sensors that when shooting moving subjects it ensures sharp focus is maintained. Another feature to note while where talking about moving subjects is the latest refinement of Sony’s BIONZ image processing engine, it has been designed to take on speeds that will shock the best of us. ISO range is also more than generous on a ‘entry level’ DSLR, 100-16000, the A65 is a sure competitor amongst other brands for people looking at entering the world of Digital SLR photography.

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