Everything you need to know about Nikon’s SnapBridge


Nikon released their new sharing service ‘SnapBridge’ at this years CES, and we wanted to make sure that you understand why this technology has been embraced with open arms. It is offered on selected coolpix cameras, their newly announced DL premium compact cameras and their new D500 Digital SLR, with hope that there are many more in the making.

Firstly, it allows you the opportunity to enliven your online image sharing further with pictures taken with a Nikon camera and SnapBridge! Whichever camera you choose from the range that Nikon offers, it expands your storytelling potential and allows you to easily share images online. Post pictures online of the fun after dark or a decisive moment in action — and impress your friends!


Your images. The world. Connected.

Welcome to SnapBridge — Nikon’s new family of services to enrich your image capturing experience. SnapBridge eliminates the barrier between your camera and compatible smart device, through a combination of Bluetooth® low energy (BLE) technology and a dedicated app. The stories you capture with your Nikon camera and lenses are automatically transferred to the device as they are taken. They can even be uploaded effortlessly to cloud storage services, inviting access across all your devices. You can share your excitement, when and where you want.


The exciting image capturing experience that SnapBridge offers…

  • Automatic picture transfer from camera to smart device thanks to the constant connection between the two devices — making online photo sharing easier than ever
  • Free, unlimited upload of thumbnails* to the cloud storage space NIKON IMAGE SPACE after registering for your Nikon ID
    * 1920 × 1080 pixel equivalent.
  • A range of services that enriches your imaging life, including:
    • Camera remote control
    • Embedding up to two pieces of credit information (i.e. copyright, comments, text and logos) on pictures
    • Syncing camera’s time and location info with smart device
    • Receive camera’s firmware updates

Simple steps to connect your Nikon camera to a smart device…

Pairing you Nikon camera and a compatible smart device has become easier than ever with SnapBridge. All you need it to install the SnapBridge app to your smart device and register your Nikon camera with the app through the three simple steps. Connect the two and begin the unique image sharing experience now!


  1.  After pressing ‘OK’ on the SnapBridge startup screen, touch the smart device to your camera. An authorization code will appear on the camera and smart device screen. *NFC- enabled devices only
  2. On your smart device, confirm the code to pair with the camera
  3. Confirm the code on your camera and press ‘OK’

-Pairing process doesn’t need to be repeated!

In addition to the simple pairing process, the good news is that it only needs to be carried out once for each smart device. The camera will then automatically detect a previously connected device on subsequent occasions and establish a connection with no additional input from you

– Stable connection with no need to worry about excessive battery consumption

Once established, the connection between your Nikon camera and compatible smart device stays alive as long as the camera battery is installed and the 2 devices remain in close proximity. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about excessive battery consumption in either device, thanks to Bluetooth low energy (BLE) technology, the advanced technology that constantly connects the devices with minimal energy use.

Constant connectivity for automatic picture transfer and greater convinience

Once the constant connection is established between your Nikon camera and smart device, SnapBridge delivers a range of convenient services. It automatically transfers your pictures to the smart device as they are captured, ensuring you are ready to share your stories with the world, any time you wish. It also syncs the camera’s location and time information to that of the smart device, so you won’t have to change it manually.

Pictures saved on your compatible smart device before you know it, via seamless connection between camera and smart device

Imagine the convenience of uploading images captured by your camera to social media, if they were saved on your smart device seamlessly and automatically.
SnapBridge opens a constant connection between your Nikon camera and compatible smart device, with pictures automatically transferred as you take them. This communication isn’t just one way either : it provides further convenience including automatic syncing of the camera’s time and location information to that of the smart device. The automatic picture transfer continues unaffected even when your smart device is stored in your bag or the camera is turned off.

It operates uninterrupted by incoming and outgoing e-mail, syncing data with cloud services, or netsurfing. Original JPEG pictures or thumbnail images can be transferred. Should you wish, manual uploading may be selected too.

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