Five new Cyber-Shot cameras for Sony

Sony chose CES as the place to reveal their new Cyber-shot line up. Five new cameras were unveiled that include amongst their features, new digital technology and full HD recording.

The new cameras, (DSC-TX100V, DSC-TX10, DSC-HX7V, DSC-WX10 and DSC-WX7) are being billed as a world first, as they are the only 16.2 megapixel compacts to feature full 3D still images using only one lens and imager. Plus the TX100V is being touted as the first compact digital still camera to offer full HD (1920 x 1080/50p). The cameras feature separate buttons for still and video capture and a dual record mode to simultaneously capture stills without interrupting the video capture.

3D images can be captured using 3D Sweep Panorama mode or the new 3D Still Image mode. In 3D Still Image mode, the 3D digital camera takes two consecutive shots in different focus positions to calculate the depths, creating left-eye and right-eye images to produce a 3D effect. You can then view your images in either 2D or 3D on 3D compatible TVs.

A new ‘In-Camera Guide’ also allows novice users to make the most of their cameras by providing easily accessible on-screen help. (In-Camera Guide is not available for W510 and W530 models). Other features such as Background Defocus mode (which rapidly shoots two frames at different focus settings, combining them to create a single DSLR-style image with your subject in sharp focus and a bokeh (defocused) background) add to the professional look of your images. While touch up modes like Soft Skin (reduces visible blemishes and wrinkles) and Natural Flash corrects colour balance for better looking people shots. Action shot junkies will also appreciate the -fast 10fps capture speed at full 16.2-megapixel resolution.

A built-in GPS and Compass records the location and direction of where photos were taken for easy geotagging and sharing of your memories. The new TX10 is also water-proof, (up to 5 metres) shock-proof, dust-proof and freeze-proof
All new Cyber-shot models are expected to be available in a range of colours from March 2011.

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