FujiFilm X100S – A Step In The Right Direction

It’s predecessor the X100 hit Australian shores and Australian’s went into Photo Frenzy. It was a hugely welcomed new camera and it really put Fuji back on the map of respected camera brands.

It now has a slew of cult like followers and with the X100S stepping in to take the place of the X100 we’re excited to see what will happen with this camera.

The new X model still has the beautifully retro style with boisterous lines and heavy set features which we’re happy to see. When you hold this camera it feels like a beautifully made tailored suit that has been produced by one of Italy’s finest. Only available in Silver and Black but to be honest anything other and this camera wouldn’t be as sexy as it is.

The X100S uses the same APS-C sensor as the X100 but with some dramatic overhauls. Now sporting a 16.3 Megapixel count and X-Trans CMOS II which has been taken from some of FujiFilm’s higher end cameras such as the X-Pro1.

Something that was definitely criticised by Digital lovers when the X100 was released was the Electronic View Finder resolution only being 1.4 million dots… This has been taken on board and FujiFilm have stepped the dot count to 2.35 million! We’re yet to see the change this makes in person but it should definitely increase image viewing clarity.

Continuous shooting speed is up to 6fps and the video capabilities are sitting nicely at 1080p HD at 60fps.

All in all the X100S is a sexy, stylish and superior retro camera that is definitely worth a look if you’re the fashion conscious or a lover of the older style camera without compromising on quality.

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