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The newest member of Samsung’s digital imaging stable – the Galaxy Camera – takes the notion of shooting and sharing to the extreme.

Announced in Germany in August, the Galaxy Camera immediately caused a ruckus in the press for its concept of absolute connectivity for the shooter. Designed to maximise and capitalise on the way we now share our visual content, the Galaxy Camera easily integrates into a photographer’s everyday life, making it simpler than ever to share movies and images with family and friends, whether through social networking, the HD TV or other smart devices.

This new device combines leading-edge camera capabilities with the Android™ 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system to provide users with the ability to shoot, share and edit images easily anywhere, any time.

In the past few years the way we communicate with each other has rapidly shifted. Social networking is not just a buzzword; it’s a way of life. Everyone has become an amateur photographer and videographer and the Galaxy Camera leverages this, providing photographers with the ability to spontaneously share their images and movies without the hassle of downloading to a computer first.

“The Galaxy Camera opens a new visual communication era and shifts a paradigm in communication. With the growth of social networks and the prevalence of smartphones and tablets, people today communicate faster than words. As we increasingly articulate our experiences through pictures and videos, the Galaxy Camera has been created to lead the way in this new era of visual communication. Communication becomes more vivid and lively with high quality images and instant sharing anywhere, any time,” said JK Shin, President of IT & Mobile Communications Division at Samsung Electronics.

The Galaxy Camera makes outstanding still images and movies on the fly. Users never again have to sacrifice picture quality if they want to edit and share their photos instantly. Boasting a 21x optical touch zoom lens and a super-bright 16 megapixel BSI CMOS sensor it delivers pictures in brilliant quality. The device also features Smart Pro technology, a series of modes that make professional-looking images easy for even the complete novice to achieve. In just a few simple steps users can choose from a series of preset scene options that will automatically adjust the camera’s settings in order to capture the perfect photo.

However what truly revolutionises this camera is the Android™ 4.1 Jelly Bean platform and its wireless connectivity, which opens up the device to applications for photo-editing, sharing, and much more. Where previously you might use your smart phone’s camera as your primary image sharing and social networking device, thanks to the Android™ 4.1 Jelly Bean OS you can now do this straight from your Galaxy Camera but with the benefit of high quality optics. The result is gorgeous high-res images and movies on the go.

Add to this the Smart Content Manager that intelligently organises your content, creating folders, tagging faces, and even suggesting to you which images to delete when they don’t come out quite as expected. Thanks to Wi-Fi capabilities and pre-installed apps you can easily browse the web, check your email or download apps from Google Play or Samsung’s app store to improve your photography and extend your creativity.

Best of all there are the extended sharing capabilities that go far beyond social networking. The Galaxy Camera has an Auto Cloud Backup feature that automatically saves your pics into the cloud via Samsung’s AllShare service, the second you take them.

You can also easily connect to your other Samsung devices. Feel like watching your latest movie footage on a big screen? Simply share the footage with your Samsung HD TV. The Galaxy Camera also allows users to share photos at the same time as they shoot them with the ‘Share Shot’ feature. No more hanging around at social events posing for the same shot as everyone tries to get a group photo on their smartphone – pop out your Galaxy Camera, shoot your pic, choose ‘Share Shot’ and suddenly everyone has a copy of your image.

You can also automatically share between your other Galaxy devices including the Galaxy SIII and Galaxy Note II for effortless and automatic sharing of pictures. Another advantage of a smartphone operating system is that the camera can employ technology such as Voice Control. You can zoom in and shoot simply by voicing a command. Now that’s cool! n

“Communication becomes more vivid and lively with high quality images and instant sharing, anywhere, any time.”

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