Get Supermoon Ready with 5 Tips

DSLR Picture of the full moon in the sky


Supermoons are rare so we’ve created our top tips to make sure you make the most of this special occasion.

  1. Focal length is key
    • Having a good size focal length (zoom) available is key when shooting any distant subject and while it is a supermoon, this event holds no exception. Think about it, you’ll want an image of the supermoon in all its glory – just it against the dark sky, but you’ll also want a photo at a shorter distance that has both the moon and some landscape around it. So a large focal length is a must.
  2. Add foreground interest
    • In order to add interest and intrigue to your images choose an interesting foreground subject – an interesting house, city skyline, a mysterious looking tree, whatever the choice make sure you’re confident it will really bring to life the sheer size of the supermoon.
  3. Position yourself carefully
    • Take a think back to where the moon has been positioned throughout the week and keep it in mind when choosing your location. The position of the moon will dramatically effect the size your moon appears to be, but also the foreground subject location.
  4. Timing is everything
    • Have a plan, think about where you would like the moon to be positioned in your frame and what time you will need to be ready in order to capture the photo. Once you know your location, and the shooting distance, this is how PhotoPills plans their shots. A great idea.
  5. Keep it stable
    • With any nighttime photo session you should always have your camera stabilised on a tripod. The reason for this is at night you will have a lot of light sources entering your sensor (artificial lights from building, stars) to make sure each light source is crisp you will need to make sure your camera is ultra still.


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