The 12 Best GoPro Accessories: Must-Have Products for Every Occasion

Having a GoPro revolutionises the type of action photography and videography you can capture. 

But if you’re the adventurous type, you’re going to get a lot more out of your nifty GoPro if you’ve got a few extra accessories to enhance the camera’s function and performance.

There are a lot of quality add-ons for GoPro action cameras, so it’s understandable you may be overwhelmed with options.

We’ve stepped in to help you narrow down what we believe are the best GoPro accessories for various activities. Read on to find out about the best GoPro accessories for travel and everyday use, for mountain biking and motorcycling, for diving and snorkelling, and for vlogging. 

Best GoPro accessories for travel and everyday use

gopro resting on dirt

GoPro Jaws Flex Clamp Mount

GoPro’s basic tension clamp offers a lot more flexibility than many competitors on the market. It clamps to anything round or flat with a diameter between 0.6cm and 5cm. That includes skateboards, bicycle handlebars, a tree branch or street sign – the options are limitless.

The GoPro Jaws Flex Clamp Mount also comes with a removable malleable neck that helps you reposition the camera easily, quickly and securely – a must for on-the-go photography.

This mount is compatible with all GoPro HERO cameras but not the Max or Fusion range.

Check out the GoPro Jaws Flex Clamp Mount.

GoPro 3-Way

If you can’t make up your mind on which mount is best, this versatile 3-Way has been designed just for you. 

It offers maximum flexibility, allowing you to use the mount as a camera grip, extension arm, or tripod. 

The extension arm can be folded so you can capture follow-cam or point-of-view footage, or extended 50cm for those ever-popular selfies. 

But the lightweight, miniature tripod is even more impressive, fitted cleverly inside the extension arm handle.

The GoPro 3-Way works with all HERO cameras as well as the GoPro Max. 

Learn more about the GoPro 3-Way. 

GoPro Casey

An ideal travel companion, the GoPro casey is a travel case that will protect your precious GoPro.  

It comes with a water-resistant, hard shell body and customisable space capable of storing two cameras. A removable pouch insert is great for smaller pieces like your SD cards and batteries. 

Check out the GoPro Casey today. 

GoPro HERO8 Lens and Screen Protectors

When you’ve invested in your action camera, you can increase its longevity with an accessory as simple as a screen protector. 

These protectors keep your GoPro HERO8 lens and touchscreen free from smudges and scratches. As a bonus, they also reduce glare on sunny days. 

If you have an older camera, you can also pick up affordable screen protectors for HERO7 and lower

Find out more about GoPro Screen Protectors. 

Best GoPro accessories for mountain biking and motorcycles

bike travelling along road

GoPro Chest Mount Harness

One of Camera House’s most popular GoPro accessories is the GoPro Chest Mount Harness. This harness offers an intriguing point of view from the middle of your chest.

Because it can focus on your legs, it’s popular for any kind of extreme sport situation, from skiing to mountain biking to tightrope walking, if that’s your thing.

The streamlined harness can be adjusted to fit around any body size, with additional room for a heavy snow jacket if necessary. 

And because your camera is securely stowed on your chest, your hands are free to be fully devoted to the task at hand. 

Take a look at the GoPro Chest Mount Harness.

GoPro Helmet Front + Side Mount

Designed for all GoPro HERO models as well as the GoPro Max, this versatile helmet mount allows for front or side viewing with a swivel mount assembly so you can easily adjust the angle. 

The mount can be fitted to the front or the side of your headgear so you have the best point of view for your adventure. 

Check out the GoPro front and side helmet mount.

Best GoPro underwater accessories for snorkelling and diving

two people in water

GoPro Anti-Fog Inserts

In our books, this is an essential accessory if you plan to be in or around water. They don’t look like much, but you will be forever grateful to these anti-fog inserts when they save more than one shoot. 

Just insert them into your waterproof housing or dive housing and the inserts will prevent fogging in cold and humid environments. Even better, the inserts are reusable up to four times. 

Learn more about GoPro’s anti-fog inserts today. 

Floaty for HERO8 

Compatible only with the most recent GoPro HERO8, the GoPro Floaty gives your action camera buoyancy. 

Brightly coloured so you can spot it in the murkiest waters, the Floaty provides protective padding to your GoPro and will keep it from sinking to the depths of the ocean. 

Check out the HERO8 Floaty today.

GoPro HERO8 Protective Housing

A must-have for diving, this rugged protective housing extends your GoPro HERO8 waterproof capabilities from 10m to an impressive 60m. 

Even when you’re not diving to the deepest depths, this protective housing is a valuable investment, designed to protect your camera from all sorts of shocks, bumps, and debris.

A flat glass lens ensures your images remain sharp while a skeleton backdoor improves audio. 

Have an older GoPro model (HERO7 or older)? Check out the GoPro Super Suit instead.

Find out more about the GoPro HERO8 Protective Housing.

Best GoPro accessories for vlogging

gopro on tripod overlooking lake

GoPro HERO8 Light Mod

A dedicated accessory for the GoPro HERO8, the light mod works beautifully to increase lighting in your scenes. 

It has four distinct brightness levels, powered by a rechargeable battery. There’s a strobe mode for signalling and visibility, as well as a 30-second Overdrive mode that pushes your lighting a little further for maximised brightness. 

You do need to have a GoPro Media Mod to attach this Mod to your GoPro HERO8. 

Find out more about the GoPro HERO8 Light Mod. 

GoPro Smart Remote

This wearable, waterproof remote enables you to take control of your GoPro from up to 180m away. You can even control up to 50 GoPro cameras at a time. 

Containing a built-in LCD that mirrors the camera’s screen, this remote control lets you control your shutter, on/off button, settings, and shooting modes from afar.

Check out the GoPro Smart Remote today.

RØDE VideoMic GO

Affordable yet high-quality, this directional video microphone from RØDE will revolutionise the quality of your audio quality. 

The VideoMic GO contains a windshield and a plastic mount with a built-in condenser microphone that will add professional sound to your videos. Expect crisp audio, minimal distortions, and noise isolation. 

Learn more about the RØDE VideoMic GO.

Are you ready to improve your GoPro accessories kit?

So who said you can’t enjoy some fast-paced adventure AND capture the moment at the same time? 

The GoPro camera goes a long way in helping your record your favourite action memories hands-free – but it’s the range of quality GoPro accessories that really enables you to film those moments without hampering your style. 

Check out our full range of GoPro accessories today and make the most of your GoPro.

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